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Seekers of Lore: Lexicon

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Now that the Microscope session is complete, time to move into the Lexicon phase.

This should be much simpler, really. The Seekers of Lore Obsidian Portal site there is a wiki. The front page of the wiki has a link to instructions on using the wiki, how to create pages, and edit them. Obsidian Portal uses a markup language called Textile, and it’s pretty straightforward.

It is now January 12. We had originally planned twelve week-long turns, starting from the beginning of January and taking us to nearly the end of March. If we start the first turn today, twelve weeks would run to the first weekend of April (turns end Saturday midnight, so the last turn would end April 5).

As described in the proposal,

  • One turn per week, for three months, for a total of twelve turns. Probably kick off at the beginning of January and run through the end of March. Starting January 12 and running to April 5, now that we’ve done the Microscope session.
    • Turn ends Saturday midnight (Pacific time, since that’s where I live… and Saturday night I’m usually in a game until 9:00-10:00 PM Pacific time).
    • Posts are live by Sunday morning and ready for review.
    • New topics identified or ‘reserved’ by Tuesday midnight, if we want to avoid collisions. We might not; two Scholars duking it out academically could be entertaining… but it might work better as a special event thing.
  • At least two articles per week.
    • One article is net new and is whatever is of interest to the Scholar. If you want to write about the sacrificial magics of the Shawloon savages, despite there really being nothing else about the Shawloon in the wiki, or of sacrificial magic anyway, go ahead. It’s a bit of obscure knowledge and it seeds some ideas.
    • At least one article that expands on, adds to, or otherwise builds off an existing article — written by someone else. If you talk about the sacrificial magics of the Shawloon savages, I might pick up on the Shawloon element and start talking about the geography of their homeland and just why they are savages, someone else might explore sacrificial magics across the realm.
    • Note that graphical elements (maps, pictures, etc.) are entirely welcome as well, but not required.
    • Each article is signed by the Scholar who wrote it (though it would be cool if the Scholar were evident on reading).

In order to edit pages in the wiki, you will need to be a member of the Seekers of Lore campaign. Everyone who took part in the Microscope session already is, anyone else who would like to join will need to contact me so I can add you.

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Yesterday we ran the Microscope session for the Seekers of Lore campaign. All in all I’m very pleased with how things turned out, and I think we’ve got some very good material to use for the Lexicon session to follow.

A few of us would have liked to have continued, but most of us had other commitments and we wrapped up after four rounds.

I would like to thank again Andrew, David, Levi, Lowell, and Grey for coming out and taking part. We ended up with something I think is very, very good.

Next step… Lexicon.


Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 4

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Andrew was Lens for our last turn, and looks into the knowledge and wisdom of the world.

Age of Gods, Round 4

Lens: Andrew

Focus: The World Thinks and Speaks

Eras Defined


The world speaks to those that awaken it.

  • Event: Disturbed Slumber [light] [Levi]
    Jesoph Shaeleth emerges from a long exile. In meditation, she notices that the trees and rocks seem to meditate along with her. She reaches out with some measure of her power and feels the foreign wisdom of the world flood her mind. Soon she can control the interaction, learning to commune with nature itself.

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 3

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Levi’s turn now, looking into something fundamental to this world’s reality.

Age of Gods, Round 3

Lens: Levi

Focus: The effects of amorphia.

Eras Defined


The Harnessing of Amphoria.

  • Scene: Anuless Gathers Power [dark] [David, during Raising the New Gods]
    The Jesoph Anuless convinces her worshipers that she can better protect them if she can slay their foes with a whispered word. Her new power proves terrible to worshipers and enemies alike, and she gains the name “Breath of Death”.

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 2

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

David decided to investigate something a little deeper.

Age of the Gods, Round 2

Lens: David

Focus: The interaction between the gods and mortal races.

Eras Defined

  • Period: By the Grace of the Gods
  • Period: Rise of the Tribes [light]
    • Event: Ssthar Betrayal [dark]
    • Event: Death of Orospeal [light]
    • Event: Blood of Orospeal [dark] [Keith]
      The flesh and blood of Orospeal decayed and seeped into the soil of (a region of) the Plains of Kresh, tainting the very earth and all who lived on it. The Ssthar turned from wise creatures of the earth to deceptive, secretive betrayers.
    • Event: Kresh’s Ceasing Hammer [light]
    • Event: The Walking Grove of Selrichi [dark] [Levi]
      Selrichi plants a grove of ephael trees to enhance her creative energies in this plane. An unexpected burst of amorphia forces Selrichi to embue the trees with sentience so that they survive, incidentally creating the first trolls.
    • Event: The Burdening [light]
  • Period: Birth of the Jesophs [dark]
    • Event: Temptation of the Toresh [dark]
    • Event: Surrendering the Sky [dark] [Andrew]
      Kavasa was Goddess of the Sky, shifting and tending it to care for the plane. She hated the mortals as vermin. As other gods increasingly doted on them, Kavasa spun the heavens in their patterns so they could continue without her guidance. She focused instead on using her magnificent art for illusion and deception, and she sold her services to gods and mortals alike.
    • Event: Wars of Manipulation [dark] [David]
      Hrundal poses as a mortal and becomes advisor to the Jesoph  Novinderai. The god manipulates Novinderai into fighting numerous bloody wars.

      • Scene: Battle of the Broken Spear [dark] [David]
        Hrundal convinces Novinderai the Chieftess Shaeleth wishes to destroy all Jesophs, and that Novinderai must defeat her to retain the blessings of the gods. Most of Chieftess Shaeleth’s people are killed and she must lead the survivors into hiding.
    • Event: The Kreshtar Rebellion [dark]
  • Period: Equilibrium [light] [David]
    After many years of fighting, the mortal populations are depleted and exhausted. Memories of the brutal battles compel the mortals to live in relative peace.

    • Event: The Frustration of Kavasa [dark] [David]
      Few mortals request the services of Kavasa, and so the goddess must plot more subtly against them.
  • The Coming Storm [dark]
    • Event: The Strange Light [dark] [Grey]
      For ten days, the sky is filled with a strange light instead of darkness, of no hue that can be described by mortals or gods. The stars themselves are dark specks against this backdrop. None of the gods can explain the cause of this. Worry starts to set in amongst the divine ranks, mortals start to lose confidence in the gods.


Alienation of gods and mortals.

  • Event: Razing of the Old Temples [dark] [Keith, after The Strange Light]
    After the abuses of the past and the failure of the gods, mortals sought new powers to follow. The old holy places became abandoned and fell into ruin as mortals sought out and petitioned other potential sources of power.

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 1

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Being my setting, I was Lens for the first round.

Age of Gods, Round 1

Lens: Keith

Focus: The First Civilization

Eras Defined

  • Period: By the Grace of the Gods
  • Period: Rise of the Tribes [light] [Keith, after By the Grace of the Gods]
    The Kreshtar nomads (horse-riding nomadic savages) start to band together in the Plains of Kresh under the banner of Chieftain Toresh.

    • Event: Ssthar Betrayal [dark] [Keith, during Rise of the Tribes]
      The Ssthar (snake tribe) of the Kreshtar attempt to usurp control and poison most of Chieftain Toresh’s family.
    • Event: Death of Orospeal [light] [David, before Ssthar Betrayal]
      The trickster god Hrundal emerges from his hiding place in the body of Orospeal and slays Orospeal; the dead god’s body falls upon the Plains of Kresh.
    • Event: Kresh’s Ceasing Hammer [light] [Levi, during By the Grace of the Gods]
      Upon recognizing the ingenuity of the Dwiran architects, Kresh stopped hammering flat the continent of Idruit, thereby ending his onslaught.
    • Event: The Burdening [light] [Andrew, before Death of Orospeal]
      Selrichi created the ultimate mortal in horse shape. When the mortals refused thoughtless obedience, he stripped most of their intellect and gave them over to bipeds as slaves.
  • Period: Birth of the Jesophs [dark] [Grey, after Rise of the Tribes]
    A group of gods touch certain mortals with power to raise up rulers for them.  The jesophs are kept immortal by this power.  But some begin to abuse their position.

    • Event: Temptation of the Toresh [dark] [Keith, during Birth of the Jesophs]
      The weak Chieftess Shaeleth, of the Line of Toresh, the founding leaders of the Kreshtar tribes, is offered power by the gods to bring her people back to prominence. She accepts, becoming first of the Jesophs.

      • Scene: The Lost One [light] [Keith, during Temptation of the Toresh]
        The middle child of Chieftess Shaeleth learned of her mother’s plans and evaded the warriors sent to collect her. She is the only one of her line not bound to the gods who offered her mother power. In doing so, she gathered a small force of warriors who gain purpose in redeeming the dishonor of their people: The Band of Spears.
  • The Coming Storm [dark]


The bad blood between the Ssthar and the Toresh line.

  • Event: The Kreshtar Rebellion [dark] [Grey, after Temptation of the Toresh]
    The Ssthar manipulate emotions (doesn’t take much) amongst the tribes against the jesophs, creating a popular uprising that forces the immortals to flee Kreshtar lands.  The Ssthar are voted to power by a landslide… and shortly become worse tyrants than the jesophs ever were.

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 0

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Yesterday we ran a Microscope session to build the baseline for the Seekers of Lore campaign setting. In Round 0 we laid the groundwork for what was to follow.

Age of Gods, Round 0

We kept everything to the Age of Gods, when the gods were still building and directly manipulating the Prime Plane. Civilization growed and flourished, and yet this was still a dark age because the gods ran roughshod over the mortals.


The palette was set after two passes:

  • in: gods walk the earth
  • out: no dragons
  • in: some gods are not immortal
  • out: no arcane magic
  • in: energy of creation comes from plants imported from Paradise and the Elemental Planes
  • in: “laboratory areas” where gods experiment with ideas for improvements


  • in: oaths sometimes have power beyond expectation
  • PASS
  • out: disease does not exist yet
  • PASS
  • in: all gods except elder gods may be permanently changed by amorphia
  • in: elemental beings are trying to figure out the nature of the universe

The opening and ending periods were declared.

Eras Defined

Opening Period: By the Grace of the Gods [light]

The gods start considering mortals as “more valuable than rocks”, and start treating them as side-effects that are interesting and potentially useful.

Ending Period: The Coming Storm [dark]

Unexpected events are interfering with the gods’ actions.

Age of Gods Timeline

  • Period: By the Grace of the Gods [light]
  • Period: The Coming Storm [dark]