Node-Based Megadungeon: Goblin Warren

Goblin Warren

Scenario Role

Minor threat to outsiders, significantly threatened here.


Desperate goblin clan looking for a way to escape their erstwhile ‘allies’.


  • Ready to do almost anything to get out of their current situation.
  • Under the thumb of the wolves and could be compelled to do almost anything to stay alive.
  • Would be delighted to destroy the wolves.
  • (Get the blame for) raiding nearby villages and farms.


  • Ally against the wolves, if they can get away with it.
  • Willing servants in exchange for passage away from here.
  • Can provide guidance to some areas (Dwarven Safehold, Fungoid Cavern, Pit of the Misshapen).
  • Know something of Baalshamoth (not powerful enough to oppose, but certainly disapprove of) and can advise on how to deal with him.  They might be right.


  • Dominated by the members of the Wolf Den, particularly the Leader of the Pack.
  • Delicate attempt at alliance with the dwarves of the Dwarven Safehold.
  • Have explored the Fungoid Cavern a bit, the wolves don’t like it there and the goblins hope they might be able to find something they can use to gain their freedom.  Raid somewhat for food, hopefully nothing poison
  • Have met the Misshapen and know roughly how to get to the Pit of Misshapen.  Initially the goblins bullied the poor buggers and regret it now, if only because they could really, really use help.
  • Have explored much of the Abandoned Tower, including the sections that can’t handle medium-sized creatures.  Looted everything they could carry, of course, and that’s mostly gone.

Description and Identification


Frightfully skinny, unhealthy-looking goblins, starving and desperate.  Their warren stinks a little less than most because they don’t have scraps of edible material lying around.  Surprisingly, their wills have not been crushed, but tempered — they fight on to improve their condition and situation (but would happily escape it) despite the crushing oppression.


Unusually worn, even for goblins, tools and equipment.  Anything they find that might be edible probably has at least one bite out of it (and possibly an accidentally-poisoned goblin nearby… that might have bites out of it).  They’re that hungry.


Shallow caves near the Abandoned Tower, (now) surrounded by the Wolf Den.


No actual mechanics yet, but I’ll include notes for later.

  • Goblin Shaman.
  • Goblin Chieftain
  • Goblin Harem
  • Common room, shared with wolf ‘mounts’ (now ‘spies’).
  • ‘Treasure Room’ (now empty).
  • ‘Supply and Storage Room’ (more or less empty)
  • Wolf Room 1
  • Wolf Room 2
  • Wolf Room 3
  • Wolf Room 4

This is an unusual configuration.  The wolves have, in part, annexed part of what was the Goblin Warren, but I’ve left it this way in case the goblins can shake their Lupine Overlords.

Also, this is somewhat more detailed than most of the rest.  Most of the rest, each of these nodes could be broken down further, but in this case this is likely as far as I could go.

Goblin Warren

Goblin Warren

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