Some More Experimentation

Mountains, Rivers, Forest

Some More Experimentation

I was doing some more experiments with my mapping techniques. I’m becoming happier with them.

I do need to improve the sequencing. Work out where I want the map elements (mountains, rivers, forests, etc.), then finalize river and shoreline before trying to tackle the elements. I screwed up this time a little.

I’d plotted the general course of the rivers, then tweaked their appearance for use in shaping the mountains and forest, then a destructive edit lost me an earlier piece. I was stuck using the rough river forms to actually draw them, and I’m not happy with that.

On the plus side, I think I’ve worked out better how to have the rivers come out of the mountains. I got it partly right the way I did it, but the ‘river valleys’ probably shouldn’t be back down the the grass level. I need to use the river courses twice. The first time is while working out the mountain shapes (to a lesser extent, to cover the rivers coming out of the mountains). I think using them a second time when actually working out the mountain heightmaps (which should help ensure I don’t have rivers running uphill — I don’t want the River Police after me).

Today’s other lesson: save the 300 DPI work for when preparing something for publication. Letter paper size at 300 DPI eats a lot of memory when you use as many layers as I do.  Also, the PNG I originally generated ran 11M, bigger than WordPress will let me load.  This image is at 25% of the resolution I was working at.

The maps still aren’t quite where I want to be, but getting closer, I think

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  1. GreyKnight's Gravatar GreyKnight
    October 8, 2010 - 2:07 am | Permalink

    I usually do it the other way around mountains/heightmaps first, then base the river courses on that (fiddling the heightmap a little if a river goes somewhere I don’t want). Anyway, what are you using to make these? They look pretty nice.

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