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Ornamentation: Polishing Gems… and Cutting Them

My last post refined the generation of random gems, introducing variance to the size and quality of the stones. One of the first comments I got regarding the post suggested ‘uncut’ as one of the low-quality entries. I hadn’t previously considered gem cutting because I was focusing on the end result, but I do have some […]

Ornamentation: Polishing Gems

Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Press (I like Raging Swan products) wrote a post last week about Gygax On… Treasure, speaking mostly of how most treasures are likely to consist of a collection of varied but valuable items, rather than a simple chest full of coin or pouch of gems. Coins and gems will probably be involved, as […]

Just Decking Around

I had an epiphany of sorts last night. Also, insomnia; the epiphany might be nothing of the sort. In my previous post about the card crawl I described PCs as starting at ‘second level’, and that each level made them better in one area of endeavor (martial, arcane, divine, skill), with a specialized skill within […]

Keeping My Hands Off My Deck

… or not. I’m working around the edges of a card-based crawl game. I don’t know all the resolution mechanics yet, but I’m starting to see the shape of it. Probably co-op (adventuring party) Possibly competitive co-op: party has a shared goal, but each PC might have individual goals that score as well. Card-based play. […]

Unchained Skill Unlocks for Echelon

I don’t often post much Echelon-related material here any more (mostly it’s at, but this particular post fits the skill model I had in mind before I moved over there. Also, it gives me a ‘U Day’ post for this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge. I am not proud. I’ve only recently gotten around to reading Pathfinder® […]

Several Mountain Ranges Together

I’ve written a couple times recently about simple techniques for drawing mountain ranges. Yesterday I showed how I draw the basic landforms, and on Sunday I showed how I manipulate them to relieve monotonous elements and make them look better to me. Under normal circumstances I would have presented the material in a different order (and […]

Revisiting the Mountain Tutorial, Drawing the Initial Landform

On Sunday I posted a tutorial on a technique I use when drawing mountains. This tutorial focused on a specific set of techniques used to cause a frighteningly boring mountain range — in this case, several parallel ‘ranges’ that were completely straight, uniformly straight, and parallel. They demonstrated how to take and turn them into […]

On Mapping Mountains, Using a Few Simple Tricks

On G+ I saw a map that I quite liked, but there was a mountain range on it that seemed too perfect. The ridge line of the range was very clean, with a couple sections that were quite straight (and at almost right angles), and another that followed a smooth curve. All three of these ridge lines […]

Blood of Dragons? In My Veins? It’s More Common Than You Think

The first book of my Echelon Expansions line, Draconic Bloodlines, is now available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, the Open Gaming Store, and at Paizo. Great-grandma was seduced by a dragon, When she became the dragon’s reeve. You might think there’s no such thing as dragons, But as for me and my dad, we believe. — The Wyrmish Rovers While […]

13th Age-Style Icons in the Sandbox, Part 6: Inversion

I now have a set of 13 icons: the 12 major icons, and the 13th, the High One. Under normal circumstances where I have no particular plan, I might roll a few dice to see which icons are involved, or at least interested, in the current event. I might use a mix of d12s and d20s: […]