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Specialized Domain: Abyss Domain

This specialized domain was originally posted as part of an article on Pathfinder subdomains (where you can see how I built it, as with Heavy Lifting: Guardian Domain). Abyss Domain (Specialized) Associated Domains: Chaos, Evil Granted Powers: You are tainted by the powers of the abyss. Fury of the Abyss (Su): As a swift action, you can give yourself a […]

Specialized Domain: Guardian Domain

I like how the Defense subdomain (of the Protection domain) looks when applied to the War domain, shifting the focus so it’s a little less aggressive. I think this might be the start of a specialized domain that would be suitable for more defensive combatants and guardians. This article originally showed the work, but 3,000 […]

New Pathfinder Cleric Domains: Specialized Domains

A couple years ago I took the Demon subdomain and created the Abyss domain to replace it. The process used might be useful for combining other domains, using a subdomain as a starting point. For instance, the Heroism subdomain (Glory domain) might be useful in bridging Glory and War, and the Defense subdomain (Protection domain) […]

Teratic Exploration

For some time now I’ve wanted to rework some standard monsters into more ‘Teratic form’. I need a break from the Echelon Reference Series, if only for a few days, so I thought I’d take a run at some. There are four primary points to remember in these adaptations. They are inhuman. It is not enough […]

Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians… Goes Live

It’s taken somewhat longer than I expected, but Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians is now live at DriveThruRPG. In two versions, in fact. Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians (PRD-only) at DriveThruRPG, contains only material from the PRD, with no content from third-party publishers. Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians (3pp+PRD) at DriveThruRPG, contains material from third-party publishers and from the […]

DCC Funnel, Pathfinder Guidelines

Last night I was involved in a conversation with someone who wanted to run a Pathfinder game on an episodic basis: the PCs as 0-level characters, then third level, sixth, ninth, and so on. Each episode is set a few years after the previous one. There is continuity of character, but each may have things […]

Early Peek: No Salvation for Witches

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Rafael Chandler’s work, what with my posts about the Teratic Tome and Lasus Naturae (which I’m really looking forward to getting, Rafael tells me it’s on target for release on schedule). I was recently sent a preliminary copy of No Salvation for Witches, a 64-page adventure (A5 format, roughly […]

Hall of Fame: Vulpinoid Geomorph Tutorials

I’ve just added a new entry to the Hall of Fame regarding geomorphs and their design and use. Michael Wenman of Observations of the Fox has been publishing a collection of mapping tutorials, and lately has been exploring and explaining geomorphs. I’ve been inspired by this series to start working on my own, and have created a couple […]

Progress Linking Prerequisites Programmatically

Still working on the Echelon Reference Series, and I’m rebuilding my prerequisite parsing and linking system. I didn’t think to capture metrics before I started, but I’m already a little over 90% ‘pretty definitive matches’ — that is, where I can match a prerequisite string to a specific game entity such as a feat or […]

XP and Rewards in the Sandbox

A few days ago I talked about Unusual Rewards in the Sandbox, and figured I’d respond to some of the comments I’d received. I agree that it is a good idea to assign nominal monetary value to the various rewards. Experience points in many old school games are primarily driven by acquiring treasure. If I […]