RPGMaker: Map of Yanfly Plugin Dependencies

As part of learning RPGMaker MV, I have watched many YouTube videos to see how people do things. Driftwood Gaming is one of my go-to posters on this. Drifty explains well what he is doing and why, and presents many useful tricks that come from working with the tool, things that likely would not be included in a manual (if RPGMaker MV had a manual… I haven’t found an official one yet).

One of the major tools in Drifty’s arsenal, and in fact how I found him, are the Yanfly plugins. Yanfly built a large (more than a hundred plugins) library of useful tools and utilities expanding on the base capabilities of RPGMaker MV.

Sadly, Yanfly has retired from making RPGMaker plugins. The information below is, I believe, complete and current up to that point.

Some plugins build on others, and there is no explicit mechanism for resolving this in RPGMaker MV (i.e. you can’t mark Plugin B and depending on Plugin A, and RPGMaker MV will load them in the correct order). As with old school C compilers, you have to manually specify load order to make sure the libraries are loaded in the correct order.

The requirements are documented, but hard to follow. So, me being me, I drew a graph.

(Click image above for the full-size image.)

… and I could have saved myself typing a legend, since there one right there in the diagram that summarizes better than I did in text.

Yanfly Plugin Order

Here is the recommended plugin order, in text form. The above covers the plugins by name and Yanfly number, this list shows also the specific JS file and has links to the relevant yanfly.moe page and to the YouTube video.

Core Plugins

Battle Plugins

Item Plugins

Skill Plugins

Equip Plugins

Status Menu Plugins

Gameplay Plugins

Movement Plugins

Quest Plugins

  • Quest Journal (YEP_QuestJournal.js, YEP 152)
    • More Quests (YEP 153)
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests1.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests2.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests3.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests4.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests5.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests6.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests7.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests8.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests9.js
      • YEP_X_MoreQuests10.js

Options Menu

Eventing Plugins

Utility Plugins



Ækashics Website (graphics)

Terms of Use

Link Terms of Use:

Howdy fellow creator !

Game resources posted in this blog are entirely my work and when stated for release, usable in both free and commercial games!

Let me know what you’re working on from time to time if you choose to use my graphics!

Quick TL;DR stuff to keep in mind:

  • When using my resources (both in free and commercial games), please credit me as Ækashics  and link back to this website.
  • Please if you feel like reposting and sharing my resources (Thank you!) , link back to this website !
  • If you’re using my graphics in a commercial game, a free copy would be nice !ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ
  • You are free to soft edit battlers according to your project’s personal needs so long as there is no redistribution of edited resources involved! Stuff like hue colors, resizes, etc!
  • Renaming the monsters to suit your project needs is totally ok as well! ♡
  • Only for RPG Maker users, you are free to make your own charsets ( Walking map sprites) based on character designs the Librarium releases, however a few conditions apply!
    • You must notify me, and your contribution will become publicy available in our “Community contributions” section credited to your name and personal site,  this is the only allowed place and method to share your contribution should you decide to make it a public asset, if you’re making one for the sake of a personal project, just notify me and keep said asset to yourself ♡ !
    • You may not take existing Librarium graphics and resize them into charset size frames!
    • I retain ownership of all aspects of the original design and monetizing off these character sets in any way is prohibited! (For example selling them as individual sets or as part of bundles, thus you as a contributor, cannot offer these as individual/set pieces of a commercial pack .
    • These assets share the same license as other Librarium releases, thus they are allowed for both commercial and non-commercial games!
    • For anything not covered, I reserve the right to adapt to the situation accordingly! Feel free to contact me if you have an specific question!
  • The scope use for these assets is exclusively game development! individual uses for marketing or other purposes/use cases not listed will be a case by case scenario, so feel free to contact me if you have a very specific question!
  • For anything not covered, I reserve the right to adapt to the situation accordingly! Feel free to contact me if you have an specific question!
  • Have fun ! (yes it’s part of the terms of use)ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

That is all.


Luc-Stamrah Music Collection

Terms of Use

Link Terms of Use:

  • When using my pieces (both in free and commercial games), please credit me as Luc-Stamrah and link back to this website.
  • Please if you feel like reposting and sharing my files and compositions, link back to this website!
  • If you’re using my music compositions in a commercial game, a free copy would be nice!
  • You are allowed to make edits of my pieces to fit the needs of your projects (such as the creation of loops, cuts and miscellaneous edits), however you are not allowed to repost these edited files anywhere else!
  • Even for edited versions, I retain all ownership aspects of the music pieces and monetizing these assets in ways which clearly are not the original distributition intent of my library is prohibited.
  • You may not subsell/sublicense/redistribute my pieces as parts of resource bundles or individually. Remember, my songs are oriented to be used as resources part of your game projects, not for individual resale.
  • For anything not covered, I reserve the right to adapt to the situation accordingly! Feel free to contact me if you have a specific question!
  • You may use Luc Stamrah Music Collection resources for instructional videos, tutorials, speed paints, game trailers, or other uses typically derived by the needs of youtube. For any other use not covered here please contact me first! The crediting requirement remains the same for cases such as these.


  • Link yanfly.moe

Terms of Use

Links Terms of Use:

Any original material made by Yanfly is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games unless specified otherwise. I do not demand royalties or special liberties if you choose to use Yanfly original content in your commercial games. (Although a free copy of your game would be nice!) I only ask that you provide “Yanfly” or “Yanfly Engine” a spot in your game’s credits.

Any edits made to Yanfly original material are okay as long as you still provide the proper credit. Any non-Original content posted, linked, or shared on my website and channel will still require you to contact the respective parties for permission of use.

I think this is simple. I’d like to keep it simple. I ask of you, as users, to please do not do things that will make me complicate it for everyone.

Happy RPG Making!

Happy RPG Making!

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