Just The Rules: Z-A Index, 2020

Normally when I do the A-Z Blog Challenge, I wrap up with a ‘Z-A Index’ of the posts that month. I’m tired, and it’s an easy title and basically mechanical post.

This year I could have used the post title ‘Zounds! Almost 40,000 Words!’

In fact, that was the working title until I decided that being consistent with previous years’ practice would be better.

Counting this post, I have written 39,006 words for this challenge, and I’ve laid the groundwork, or least done the pre-thinking, for a game I had no idea I was going to work on.

I thought I was going to file down the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to bare metal, then rebuild it the way I would have liked to see it. Instead, I almost immediately jumped the rails and started replacing mechanics left and right, where I didn’t discard them entirely (bye, ability scores!)

‘Jump The Rails’ actually might be a better title for this series. I thought about changing it, but I was mid-series and figured that would not be a great idea. I might still do it, now that I’m wrapping the series up.

I think I probably will continue work on this game, though. Now that I’m not constrained to the blog post title format of the challenge I can go back and refine things in a more organized manner.

Without further ado, here is the Z-A Index for my A-Z Blog Challenge of 2020.

DatePost TitleWords
2020-04-30Just the Rules: Z-A Index, 2020550
2020-04-29Just The Rules: Yet More Drawbacks2772
2020-04-28Just The Rules: Examining Existing Drawbacks2990
2020-04-27Just The Rules: Widening Caster Traditions2052
2020-04-25Just The Rules: Variant Spell Casting1751
2020-04-24Just the Rules: Ultimate Spheres of Power382
2020-04-23Just The Rules: Tiered Definitions426
2020-04-23Just The Rules: Treasure!659
2020-04-22Just The Rules: Skills and Actions516
2020-04-22Just The Rules: Spell Casting1273
2020-04-21Just The Rules: Ranger Up638
2020-04-20Just The Rules: Quick Recap1614
2020-04-18Just The Rules: Pokevolving Companions600
2020-04-18Just The Rules: Paths of Prestige1118
2020-04-17Just The Rules: One Path or Another999
2020-04-16Just The Rules: New Take on the Cavalier1804
2020-04-15Just The Rules: Mythic Adventures is a Gold Mine847
2020-04-14Just The Rules: Larger Than Life through Legendary Abilities954
2020-04-13Just The Rules: K — Roman for 1000 — Paths194
2020-04-13Just The Rules: Kreshtar, Dwarves, and Other Races1002
2020-04-11Just The Rules: Jewels, Gold, and Other Treasures1616
2020-04-10Just The Rules: Items of Power456
2020-04-09Just The Rules: Higher Expectations1618
2020-04-08Just The Rules: Godbound1163
2020-04-07Just The Rules: Feats765
2020-04-06Just The Rules: Effort, Limiting Actions967
2020-04-06Just The Rules: Expert Path Creation1370
2020-04-04Just The Rules: Decisions110
2020-04-04Just The Rules: Defining Advancement479
2020-04-04Just The Rules: Divine Blood668
2020-04-04Just the Rules: Damage and Healing1102
2020-04-03Just The Rules: Classes1568
2020-04-02Just The Rules: Basic Task Resolution1412
2020-04-01Just The Rules: Advancement689
2020-04-01Just The Rules: Ability Scores938
2020-04-01Just The Rules: Assumptions and Biases710
2020-03-21A-Z Blog Challenge 2020: Just the Rules234

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