RPGMaker: I Want to Make a Game

I’ve always liked the idea behind RPGMaker MV (current version, initially released October 2015; there have been previous versions, and ‘RPGMaker MZ’ is scheduled for release later this week). It’s a tool specifically for making JRPG-style games, in the vein of Dragon Quest and (certain) Zelda games and Ys and many others.

In looking for tutorials, though, I find that the tutorials I want don’t seem to exist. There are many tutorials explaining how to implement certain game elements (from “move from one map to another” through resource mining and so on). It seems there are few tutorials that start from “I want to make a game” and take the developer through the process.

That is, I can find tutorials that say how to do things, but few that say anything about why to do things.

So as I so often do when I can’t find the documentation I want, I create it myself. I figured I’d take a run at it, creating a tutorial, or at least an example, of building a game from start to finish.

However, being not at all an expert on RPGMaker development, this will be very much an exploration. I aim to go from “I want to make a game”, through the various decisions (good and bad) and iterative releases (good and bad, most of which are unlikely to leave my house) until hopefully I have something I can share.

Good or bad.

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