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Megadungeoncrawl: Session 3, Elves are Jackasses

I can’t prove it, but empirical evidence gathered last night suggests elves in this campaign are jackasses. Two returning players last night, two new players, and I think none of them had ever played together before. Erik Tenkar and Gabriel Perez Gallardi were back, joined this week by Charlie White and Jason Paul McCartan.  The latter two […]

Megadungeoncrawl: Session 2, Inadequately Planned

Last week we had our second session of the megadungeoncrawl.  Erik and Michael were unavailable, so Courtney Campbell was joined by James Aulds and Gabriel Perez Gallardi. Honestly, I’m not as pleased with how well I ran this session.  I’d spent more time preparing specifically for this session, but when it came time to run […]

Megadungeoncrawl: Session 1, I Swear this was not Planned

Tonight we had our first session of a dungeon crawl exploring the node-based megadungeon. This is going to be a little rambly and less polished than usual. I want to get it down before I go to sleep. I didn’t get all the character names, but the players tonight included Courtney Campbell, Erik Tenkar, and […]

Exploring the Megadungeon

After the work I did on the node-based megadungeon, I think I’d like to take it for a test drive. I’ve wanted to try Blood & Treasure since I got my hands on it, so I think for the first pass at least that’s what we’ll do. I aim to start a weekly session, Wednesday […]