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I Want Some New Gods: GreyKnight thoughts

I like having GreyKnight around. He’s good at making sense of weird ideas (including one time devising a god for whom afternoon tea is a sacred ritual when I commented that the idea of a steam domain didn’t do much for me). After I split the new gods into eight groups, he spammed me in IRC […]

I Want Some New Gods, Part 2: Divisions

I started a new pantheon this morning, resulting in 44 gods (or at least, 44 sets of domains, to be described as gods with portfolios and the like). First, I’ll start by splitting them up into groups of gods that are related somehow. I don’t particularly want them to be related by domain sets, nor […]

I Want Some New Gods

It seems I enjoy creating new pantheons using the Polyhedral Pantheons method. I liked how the last one was shaping up, but it’s based on the older dodecahedron model. I started looking into an alternate model based on 2d10 rather than a single die, and that looked like it had more potential (and more slots […]