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Plots and Player Agency

I have long agreed with the premise of Justin Alexander‘s article, Don’t Prep Plots. The gist of it is that if you prepare an adventure or scenario with a plot, it is easy to become attached to the outcome, and the game play can become ‘fragile’, where deviation from the plot causes the story to […]

Autocorrect Inspiration

Sometimes scenario and setting ideas come from the weirdest places. Today on Facebook there was a conversation about the ‘biggest cataclysm in your campaign’. One of the comments included (something like) William: “The Dim Sun lasted for months, ruining crops. This led to widespread death, famine, and petulance. […]” Me: “Autocorrect? I think you meant […]

Sprouts-Inspired Node-Based Design

When building a scenario or other campaign entity, I like to graphs to show in an abstract way how various things link to each other. Sometimes I like to build purely organically, constructing these graphs as I think of the entities, but lately I’ve been taking a page from the eurogames design pattern — build […]