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Seekers of Lore: Campaign Premise

I’m planning a new campaign, to be run as a open table sandbox in the West Marches style. Almost nine years ago, I wrote about a campaign cosmology that has sat at the back of my mind since. The gods created Paradise in order to avoid the effects of Amorphia, primordial chaos. Because Paradise was […]

The Power of Random

I may have mentioned that my son and his friends are interested in playing Pathfinder RPG.  I offered to run a few sessions, and realized this is a good opportunity to get my West Marches-style sandbox off the ground. I broke out some old tools, including a random-table-roller I built… 12-14 (d3+11) years ago, maybe? […]

Variant Specialist Wizards

I have always liked the idea of specialist wizards, but have never really been fond of the implementation.  A couple barred schools of magic (only one if specializing in Divination, because it sucks), in exchange for an extra spell slot per spell level and a +2 bonus to Spellcraft checks relating to spells of the […]

20 Quick Questions: Rules

Brendan at Untimately posted a list of 20 Quick Questions about rules as applied in your campaign.  I’ve put this off for weeks, but here are my answers for my next campaign. Keith’s Westmarch-Style Campaign Rules I’ve spoken before about wanting to run a Westmarches-style sandbox campaign. I was planning to keep close to RAW […]

West Marches-style Sandbox Campaign

Ben Robbins had what looks like a very good sandbox campaign, and a remarkable way of managing PCs available at any given time. This post describes how I think I’ll go about giving it a try, because it sounds like it’ll work very well for me, given the difficulties I’ve had in maintaining a steady group of players online… and the design requirements for any particular session are relatively small compared to my normal campaign design mechanisms. I’m looking for players and possibly co-GMs.