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Token Pools in Echelon

When I first read of the token pool mechanic in Iron Heroes (the core of which can be found on this site in the Open Gaming Content Library under Token Pools) I wasn’t pleased. I thought they would be a pain to track. In the last few years I’ve been watching and playing a lot […]

Martial and Casting Tweaks

The rules I drafted for Eldritch Weaving and Martial Disciplines both looked workable when I wrote them. When I compared the results, though, I found they didn’t feel quite equivalent to me. Among the differences, I think that the buy-in cost for martial disciplines is higher than for eldritch weaving; you gain more options from […]

Subtle Spell Casting

In all the time I’ve played 3e, I’ve seen numerous metamagic feats used that increase the effect of the spells they are applied to. Empower, Widen, Extend, Quicken, Heighten (though IMC all casters get this one free)… but I’ve never seen Silent Spell or Still Spell used. This suggests to me that these two feats […]

Fast Spell Feat

Quicken Spell can be a very useful feat, but it is a very expensive feat to use. Being able to cast two spells in a single round is a powerful ability. Many spells may be cast as a standard action and the caster still has a move action available in that round. However, there is […]