Fast Spell Feat

Quicken Spell can be a very useful feat, but it is a very expensive feat to use. Being able to cast two spells in a single round is a powerful ability.

Many spells may be cast as a standard action and the caster still has a move action available in that round. However, there is no way — short of using Quicken Spell or casting a spell with a swift action casting time — for a spell caster to combine casting a spell with another standard action. I am adding the Fast Spell feat to make this possible.

Fast Spell [Metamagic]

Benefit: A spell cast with this metamagic feat has its casting time reduced by one action type (full round to standard, standard to move). Unlike Quicken Spell this feat does not allow you to cast two spells in one round (though you can cast a quickened spell in the same round as a fast spell). A fast spell uses a spell slot two levels higher than normal.

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