10,000 Spells…!

… will give you such a crick in the wrist!

It’s a milestone, of a sort. I’ve catalogued 10,000 Pathfinder spells.

And I’m not done yet.

The data is not yet cleansed, so there will be Product Identity (character names, mostly) in the file. I consider this an ‘index’, much as google is, so I reckon it’s fair use and not required to fit the Open Gaming License.

Also, I am confident there are duplicates present, or at least name collisions where two source documents contain spells with the same name. I will go through and remediate those later.

Link below to see the catalogue. It doesn’t have the stat blocks or anything — I have them, but they’re not in this file — but you can see what spells are present, the publishers, and the source documents.

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