A New Polyhedral Pantheon

I was goofing around a bit today with the Polyhedral Pantheons methodology and ended up with some potentially interesting results.

The only constraint I put on the result is that I wanted all nine alignments covered. This requires that the alignment domains be placed on the nodes, with certain relationships between them (which are conveniently marked on the spreadsheet I use to save me work).  Other than that, I didn’t put much deliberation into where the domains ended up.

Consequently, I got some combinations that have been described as “counterintuitive”.  I don’t see any that are outright unworkable, though.

God Alignment Primary Domain Secondary Domains
1 LG Destruction Law, Darkness, Nobility, Good, Death
2 LN Luck Law, Death, Water, Fire, Animal
3 LE Earth Law, Darkness, Water, Knowledge, Evil
4 CE Magic Darkness, Nobility, Evil, Rune, Chaos
5 CG Void Nobility, Good, Chaos, Strength, Community
6 NG Weather Good, Death, Community, Glory, Fire
7 NE War Knowledge, Evil, Rune, Protection, Repose
8 TN Sun Water, Knowledge, Animal, Air, Protection
9 TN Healing Glory, Fire, Animal, Air, Trickery
10 TN Madness Strength, Community, Glory, Artifice, Trickery
11 CN Plant Rune, Chaos, Strength, Repose, Artifice
12 TN Travel Air, Protection, Repose, Artifice, Trickery

Some of these might require some mental gymnastics to explain.  All eight non-neutral alignments are covered, along with four True Neutral gods.  If I include the secondary gods I’ll get one more of each of the primary alignments (Chaotic, Evil, Good, Lawful) and sixteen more True Neutral.  I’ll likely want to shift that around some.

God Alignment Primary Domain Secondary Domains
A LN Law Destruction, Luck, Earth
B TN Darkness Destruction, Earth, Magic
C TN Nobility Destruction, Magic, Void
D NG Good Destruction, Void, Weather
E TN Death Destruction, Luck, Weather
F TN Water Luck, Earth, Sun
G TN Knowledge Earth, War, Sun
H NE Evil Earth, Magic, War
I TN Rune Magic, War, Plant
J CG Chaos Magic, Void, Plant
K TN Strength Void, Madness, Plant
L TN Community Void, Weather, Madness
M TN Glory Weather, Healing, Madness
N TN Fire Luck, Weather, Healing
O TN Animal Luck, Sun, Healing
P TN Air Luck, Sun, Healing
Q TN Protection War, Sun, Travel
R TN Repose War, Plant, Travel
S TN Artifice Madness, Plant, Travel
T TN Trickery Healing, Madness, Travel

There are three domains not represented above: Charm, Liberation, and Scalykind.  All others are present four times (if they land on a “node god”) or six times (if they land on a “face god”).  Each domain pair present above shows up twice (“Law and Destruction” is present in God 1 and in God A, and only in those two… but that means that people who want those two domains have access to different other sets of domains as well).

If I want to have it so no two gods share two domains exactly the same, I’m going to need to apply a bunch of subdomains.  I haven’t looked into it recently, but I’m not absolutely certain I have enough.

I’m going to have to think about these for a while.  If anyone has any ideas for what some of these gods might mean, I’d be happy to hear them.

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