A-Z 2021: Divine Trappings

Once again I’m taking a run at the A-Z Blog Challenge.

This time, I’m using it as impetus to write a book I’ve wanted to have for years.

Deities in Dungeons & Dragons are largely defined, mechanically, by the domains they grant their clerics.

When designing game entities such as monsters and magic items, it can be valuable and good to have an entity give hints about its nature. It would probably seem odd for a battleaxe shaped like flame to do lightning damage, or for a little bunny rabbit to have a vorpal bite (Monty Python notwithstanding).

If deities are largely defined by their domains, and entities should give a hint as to what they are, it stands to reason — to me at least — that using domains to guide a deity’s definition could be a good idea.

Let’s see how it goes.

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