An Account of the Gadolim: Page 1

Some weeks ago, you undertook to explore the ruins of the ancient city-state of Acadus for the sage Ladan, and retrieved several books and pages of arcane interest. (EDIT: since writing this article, I’ve also written up an adventure for searching the ruins.) Ladan has been poring over them for all that time, and now he has recalled you for another task; he seems rather excited about it. The job is simple but the pay is good: you are to deliver a packet to the Tower of Glory in the capital.

Sneaking a peek, the packet contains a letter:

Ladan's letter SelectShow

Also enclosed in the packet is a copy of one of the pages of ancient Cadian text you retrieved from the ruins, with a curious illustration. Translated, it reads as follows:

Cadian Document: Page 1 SelectShow

In addition to your fee, rations are provided and fresh horses have been placed at your disposal. Any reasonable expenses will be covered.

Stats: Veredicton SelectShow

Stats: Ladan SelectShow


  1. Some of their weapons are a bit weird and don’t really sound like “hit point damage”, so I don’t really know what to do about stats. I’d say “start from the Solar stats and modify”, but I just had a look and Solars have quite a few fiddly bits in 3.5e. Allegedly 5e is much simpler, so perhaps I should look there.

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