An Account of the Gadolim: Page 2

Outside the town of Sullaham, a grand pavilion has been set up near the bridge into town; two banners, orange and red, flutter in the breeze. A pair of sibling dark knights set upon any travellers, demanding tribute before the travellers will be allowed to either pass the bridge or return the way they came. They have built up a nice stash of riches using this stunt, and the townsfolk will use that as an incentive to try and talk adventurers into driving the two sisters away (or killing them, the townsfolk are past caring by now).

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Among their stash, in the most securely-locked chest, is a scroll case containing the second page of the Cadian text regarding the Gadolim. Apart from this and a few other arcane texts, the treasure consists mostly of mundane riches; the knights have sold most of the Arcana they have stolen, retaining only a few useful ones which they keep on their person.

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