An Account of the Gadolim: Page 3

The lake known as Merus has always been the abode of certain moon-spirits who, at their whim, bestow mystical blessings on mortals. Lately the lake has been invaded by a wicked naga — a serpent with the head of a woman — which has polluted the waters with mind-twisting poison. At night, the laments of the moon-spirits can be heard for miles around.

The people of the nearby village of Perdeeco, which relies on the river Perdie bringing water from the lake, have had many of their number succumb to madness. These poor souls hide in the wilderness during the day, coming out at night to try and catch food, including humans. Beware: the victims are fast and agile despite their zombie-like mentality.

So far, many brave warriors have tried to best the naga, but her vicious trickeries have been the undoing of them all.

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The moon-spirits will be effusively grateful if the naga is driven off, and will use their magic to purge the waters, and to heal both the villagers and the characters. Raising the dead, however, is beyond them: any poisoned villagers slain while in their zombie-like state remain dead.

The spirits will offer to show the characters the way to the naga’s secret hoard. This is stored in a chest submerged in the muck around one of the lake’s tiny islands: the moon-spirits, being insubstantial, cannot dig it out. Among the treasure (much of it looted by the naga from previous challengers) is the third page of the Cadian text regarding the Gadolim.

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