Burgeoning Barbarian Book Brewing

A-Z 2014 AThat should have ‘B’ well and truly covered.

The first release from Echelon Game Design is nearing completion. I aim to have Echelon Reference Series: Barbarian ready for release by the end of June.

The Echelon Reference Series is (or will be) a collection of books gathering information on specific topics of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, organizes it, and presents it for use by Pathfinder players and game designers.

How much information? Well, this first book has, so far:

  • 1 base class (Barbarian)
  • 24 archetypes, and thus
  • 24 variant classes
  • 161 feats appropriate to the Barbarian class or depending on its class features
  • 96 class features (I think, I had to count manually and I was rushing) all used by the barbarian class or the archetypes here
  • 207 rage powers (ditto)

Almost everything here that has a prerequisite or is a prerequisite of another class feature, class subfeature, or feat has a diagram explicitly illustrating how they are related. Many are quite simple, some are quite surprising, and some make people feel vaguely horrified at how complex things have gotten….

Still, I aim to have this out by the end of June. It is currently weighing in at somewhat over 200 pages, including about fourteen pages of index.

ERS-Barbarian Cover almost final
ERS-Barbarian Cover almost final

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