Charnel Plains


These plains are located fairly centrally to the nearby countries. The red, moist soil does not support very much plant life, in most places.

The Charnel Plains have been the site of many battles over the centuries. So much blood has been shed here that the ground itself now bleeds. There are a couple possible explanations (with different game mechanics). It is possible that both could apply, though perhaps in different areas.

Game Mechanics

Either or both of the sets of rules below may be in place here, I haven’t decided yet.

Life Has Taken Root

So much life has been lost here that some of it has actually been absorbed by the land itself. There are few plants here because the living soil eats them.

  • The Charnel Plains are in fact mildly postitive-dominant. All living creatures here gain fast healing 2 (but the increased sensation usually present in positive-energy dominant areas is not noticeable).
  • Unliving organic matter that remains in contact with the soil for more than a day is consumed by the soil (this includes corpses — leave a body on the ground for a day and it will be gone).
  • Inorganic matter is not consumed, but the soil tends to cover it fairly quickly (‘slowsand’, if you will).
  • The ground is quite soft.
    • In most places it should be treated as ‘light rubble’ — DC of Balance and Tumble checks increases by 2.
    • In some places the life force is greater and the ground is stickier. Treat as ‘dense rubble’ — DC of Balance and Tumble checks increases by 5, DC of Move Silently checks increases by 2, and it costs 2 squares of movement to enter each square. These areas are treated as major positive-dominant (again, except for increased sensation) — living creatures gain fast healing 5, and run the risk of overload if they remain in the higher-dominant area.
    • While the increased sensation normally present in positive-dominant areas is not particularly noticeable on the Charnel Plains, creatures can usually feel the difference (DC5 Spot check) in energy levels, and any with even a small amount of experience will discover the link between ‘stickier soil’ and ‘higher energy’. Anyone who spends a day here can be expected to have figured it out.
  • ‘Pools’ are fairly uncommon — while there are low spots, the soil tends to suck up any liquid (blood, that is) that would normally accumulate. If one is found, treat as a ‘shallow bog’ (double cost to enter and DC of Tumble checks is increased by 2).

Anger Lives Here

So many battles have been fought here that the emotions have been absorbed by the land.

  • Any living creature that is wounded or makes a melee attack must make a Will save (DC probably varies by ‘local strength of land’, but start at DC14 (rage is a Wiz3 spell). Creatures who fail this save enter a Rage as a Barbarian of the same Hit Dice, except that the character cannot end the rage voluntarily.
  • Soil taken from certain locations (TODO: decide what location characteristics apply, but assume they’re deep in the Plains) has an affinity for blood-related magics (those that grant temporary hit points) and anger (anything that induces rage, hatred, and the like). Items made using the soil (either incorporating it or as part of the process) that have such effects as the primary enchantments have their base XP cost halved.

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