Storm Mountain


Storm Mountain is a high peak with unusually severe weather (blizzards in winter, thunderstorms in summer, storms and hurricanes almost any time).

Almost no one lives here. Mountains aren’t generally all that hospitable anyway, and where you’ve got lots of storms they’re even less so. However, here is a major temple of the storm god.

Game Mechanics

  • This is a fairly dangerous region to travel in. At the best of times there are irregular gusts of wind, and there are often storms (higher winds, poor visibility, lightning strikes, etc.). TODO: determine game effects of these things
  • The temple houses followers of the storm god. Clerics (obviously), but also monks and swordsages. TODO: work out a lightning/storm-themed discipline?
  • The large mineral deposits and frequent lightning strikes have led to the creation of storm metal (TODO: find a better name?). Treat as mithral (half-weight) with an affinity for storm/lightning/weather-related enchantment (if the primary enchantments on an item made of storm metal are related to these things, reduce the XP cost of enchantment by half).

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