Divine Trappings: Yelling at Clouds

Opinions differ on whether I’m actually an old man or not, but I’ll still use this title for a draft of the Air domain.


  • Portfolios Sky, wind, clouds, sailing, windmills, flight
  • Symbols Sail, windmill, kite, feather, wings, bird
  • Motifs Wings, clouds, fans, effects of wind (wind-blown grain, leaves in the wind, etc.), wind chimes, woodwinds
  • Manifestations Wings, whistling, breeze, perfume/incense, windswept appearance, flighty (as in ‘change direction or thinking frequently’… though they likely do or can fly)
  • Colors White, grey, black, blue
  • Holy Places mountaintops, canyons, surface of bodies of water… windy, airy places
  • Special Locations 
  • Favored Weapon Blowgun
  • Alignment Any
  • Priests 
  • Followers Sailors, trumpeters, balloonists
  • Servitors creatures with the air subtype, that fly, have breath weapons, or otherwise use gas or lightning
  • Artifacts
  • Special Items
  • Beliefs
    • Obedience at start of day or end of day (winds at the shore change direction); breathing exercises, inhaling scents and meditating, whistling a tune, playing woodwinds
    • Dogma and Tenets
    • Duties
    • Quests and Trials

… I think I blundered a little with this post. I haven’t drafted a domain in a post for a couple of weeks and didn’t have things set up to make it easy. I drafted a fair bit more content in my workbook, though.

I notice there appears to be quite a bit of overlap in some of the fields. Quest/Thing and Artifact/Object seem to have a lot of the same entries, as do Quest/Person and Actor/Person of Interest (POI above). Locations and Quest/Location overlap somewhat but not as much, and Symbol and Motif overlap somewhat.

With that in mind, would it make sense to instead say “element of interest” (person, place, thing, etc.) once, then have them apply to whichever place makes sense? Or are the lists only mostly similar and should still be kept distinct?

Considering I didn’t really notice this with earlier draft domains — though Knowledge is really the only one with so many supplementary tables and in my workbook — I’m not sure if this is a general condition or I’m just struggling to come up with enough variation in the entries here. I know I spent a fair bit more time with Knowledge than I did with this one, but I also feel I had more to work with.

First draft is always perfect! This now exists and I can refine it, make it better.

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