#Dungeon23: Clockwork Hell / Primary Drive

Primary Drive: delivers power from the Engine to the clockwork tower in the Abandoned Tower.

Node-Based Megadungeon: Clockwork Hell

Primary Transmission Room

This is a fairly large circular room with a broad cylinder projecting from the floor to the ceiling and rotating steadily. There are passages leading radially from this room, and down the center of each passage is an enclosed trench that can contain smaller drive shafts that would engage with the main shaft. The various smaller shafts are missing or broken.

Movement Note: With the trenches uncovered, the floorspace counts as difficult terrain.

Flag ColorMeaning
WhiteFully functional and confident
YellowPartially function but not confident (i.e. does something but not everything trusted to work properly)
RedNot functional, we are fixing it, do not use because I like having intact hands
BlackNot functional


  • Repair drones (mostly passing through; this room works as it should, but it is conveniently central to the area).
  • Dwarven engineers (from the Dwarven Crafters area), changing a connection or trying to fix a broken one.
  • Goblins (horribly lost and probably scared).

Nearby Rooms

  • This room is directly above the Engine (which drives the main shaft).
  • This room is directly below the Clockwork Tower in the Abandoned Tower.
  • Passages lead to similar, smaller transmission rooms above other areas in the Clockwork Hell.

Other Notes

Not evident here, but somewhere between here and the Clockwork Tower above, the shaft has broken. To restore service this will need to be fixed or replaced.

Secondary Transmission Rooms

These rooms are perhaps half the size of the Transmission Room, with really just enough space to work on the secondary transmission. The connectors from the primary transmission hook up to a geared wheel under the floor, and smaller ‘conduits’ (often only two or three feet square) lead away to the secondary transmission above each room. The tertiary transmissions are installed in very small rooms indeed, sometimes as small as five-foot cubes… hopefully enough space to work.


  • Repair drones doing maintenance (measuring and greasing things mostly) once things are working.
  • Dwarven engineers, crawling around and probably grumpier than usual at having to fix things… unless celebrating because “it finally works!”, then extra grumpy when it stops working.

Nearby Rooms

  • Secondary transmission rooms connect to tertiary transmission rooms.
  • Each tertiary transmission room is directly above a room in the related area (Gearheart, Security, etc.), and if needed the connectors to those rooms could probably be removed and someone very small might be able to make their way down the opening (think “Victorian chimney sweep” — halflings would be uncomfortable).

Other Notes

  • Repair Bay actually has several secondary transmission rooms, because of the number of work areas and engines that need to be driven.

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