#Dungeon23: Why Not?

I’ve already done the heavy lifting, I have an outline — even a detailed outline! — and the size I described ten years ago aligns with the target. All I need to do is fill it in.

That shouldn’t take much, right? Right?!

I mean, it’s only 108 areas, each of which could be several rooms.

Because of the number of areas and the number of rooms I expect per area, and because I’m also working on #Pantheon23, I’ll aim for a couple of areas per week.

RegionAreaBlog Post DateNotes
Abandoned TowerClockwork Tower Basement
Abandoned TowerClockwork Tower First
Abandoned TowerClockwork Tower Fourth
Abandoned TowerClockwork Tower Second
Abandoned TowerClockwork Tower Third
Abandoned TowerMaintenance Tunnel
Abandoned TowerTower Ground Floor
Abandoned TowerTower Outbuildings
Abandoned TowerTower Second Floor
Abandoned TowerTower Third Floor
Aboleth Conclave OutpostBeachhead
Aboleth Conclave OutpostCunning Way
Aboleth Conclave OutpostForbidden Depth
Aboleth Conclave OutpostHydraulic Channel
Aboleth Conclave OutpostMaster’s Citadel
Aboleth Conclave OutpostMinion Barracks
Aboleth Conclave OutpostPath of Knowledge
Aboleth Conclave OutpostPetitioners Stand
Aboleth Conclave OutpostPlanning Lieutenant
Aboleth Conclave OutpostScholar Lieutenant
Aboleth Conclave OutpostSteadfast Lieutenant
Aristothanes’ SanctumAutomaton Observation
Aristothanes’ SanctumAutomaton Workshop
Aristothanes’ SanctumBiological Disposal
Aristothanes’ SanctumBiological Research
Aristothanes’ SanctumBiological Supply
Aristothanes’ SanctumEvaluation
Aristothanes’ SanctumFont of Knowledge
Aristothanes’ SanctumLibrary
Aristothanes’ SanctumLiving Quarters
Clockwork HellBackup Maintenance
Clockwork HellDwarven Crafters
Clockwork HellEngine
Clockwork HellGearheart
Clockwork HellOrganic Disposal
Clockwork HellPrimary Drive2023-01-02
Clockwork HellRepair Bay
Clockwork HellSecurity
Clockwork HellStores
Dwarven SafeholdArmory
Dwarven SafeholdBarracks
Dwarven SafeholdBleeding Ground
Dwarven SafeholdGreat Forge
Dwarven SafeholdGreeting Area
Dwarven SafeholdKilling Ground
Dwarven SafeholdSafehold Gate
Dwarven SafeholdSally Lock
Dwarven SafeholdScout Staging
Dwarven SafeholdThane’s Hall
Fane of BaalshamothAltar of Baalshamoth
Fane of BaalshamothAtheneaeum
Fane of BaalshamothBastion of Secrets
Fane of BaalshamothChamber of Reflection
Fane of BaalshamothHall of Instruction
Fane of BaalshamothMirror of Shrouded Futures
Fane of BaalshamothMisty Reaches
Fane of BaalshamothOneiromancium
Fane of BaalshamothOubliette
Fane of BaalshamothPath of the Shattered
Fane of BaalshamothPetitioners
Fane of BaalshamothRest of the Enlightened
Fane of BaalshamothScriptorium
Fane of BaalshamothTome of Mysteries
Fungoid CavernCave of Visions
Fungoid CavernFresh Water Spring
Fungoid CavernGrotto of Genesis
Fungoid CavernLichen Cave
Fungoid CavernMadness Delve
Fungoid CavernMound of Identity
Fungoid CavernRing of Inception
Fungoid CavernShambler’s Gate
Fungoid CavernSleeping Forest
Goblin WarrenCheiftain’s Harem
Goblin WarrenChieftain’s Chamber
Goblin WarrenCommon Room
Goblin WarrenShaman’s Chamber
Goblin WarrenStorage Room
Goblin WarrenTreasure Vault
Goblin WarrenWolf Room 1
Goblin WarrenWolf Room 2
Goblin WarrenWolf Room 3
Goblin WarrenWolf Room 4
Pit of the MisshapenCache
Pit of the MisshapenCaves 1
Pit of the MisshapenCaves 2
Pit of the MisshapenCaves 3
Pit of the MisshapenChasm
Pit of the MisshapenFishers
Pit of the MisshapenGathering Place
Pit of the MisshapenHunters
Pit of the MisshapenPool
Pit of the MisshapenScaffold 1
Pit of the MisshapenScaffold 2
Pit of the MisshapenWaterfall
Shalthazard the PaleCrystalline Array
Shalthazard the PaleDarkness Gap
Shalthazard the PaleHall of Mirrors
Shalthazard the PaleHoard Chamber
Shalthazard the PalePool of Reflection
Shalthazard the PaleShimmering Fog
Wolf DenDen Wolf 1
Wolf DenDen Wolf 2
Wolf DenDen Wolf 3
Wolf DenDen Worg 1
Wolf DenDen Worg 2
Wolf DenLeader of the Pack
Wolf DenLeader’s Antechamber
Wolf DenRitual Chamber

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