Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians… Goes Live

It’s taken somewhat longer than I expected, but Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians is now live at DriveThruRPG. In two versions, in fact.

And now also live at d20pfsrd.

I’d kind of like to talk about it more, about the challenges faced and overcome — I’ve learned a hell of a lot about how to use the tools I am, and how to fit together a long workflow — but instead I’m going to take a break. This book has been more than a year in the making, and I need a few days to unwind, maybe write some Teratic monsters or something. Maybe work on Echelon itself a little bit.

Now that I’ve gotten most of the heavy lifting out of the way and released this book into the wild, I’ll give it a bit of time to shake down, see how people like it and what changes would make it better. I know of some, and I have ideas for others, but it’s time for a public view.

Echelon Reference Series: Clerics is next in the pipe, and already mostly done. In fact, unless there are some significant changes identified by people who have bought Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians there is probably only a couple of weeks’ work left to finish Clerics.

In the meantime, I’m going to kick back, have a cold drink, and think about how to make goblins really freaky….

Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians
Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians

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