FLGS Needs Room Badly!

I was downtown on Thursday and dropped into that branch of my FLGS (I usually go to the one out of town — easier parking, on my way, and that’s where my pull box is).

It appears they need some more room on their shelves, so they had a bunch of their RPG books on sale.

Five dollars each.

So, Mr Backpack (32 litre capacity) got some exercise.  It wasn’t full, but I was reminded of the following exchange from years ago.

It's surprising how many books you can get in here.

Player: “I fill my backpack with gold.”

DM: “Okay, it can hold 50 pounds of gold, so 500 gp.  [yeah, that many years ago –kjd] … and off you go to…”

Player: “No, that’s only the size of a couple bars of gold, I want to fill my backpack.”

DM: “… and how much would that be?”

Player: (math happens to determine the volume of his backpack, assuming it’s usually filled with 50 pounds of ping pong balls)

DM: “*sigh* okay, you fill the pack with gold, including tying off things with handles to straps on the outside.  Now what?”

Player: “I pick it up and carry it out, duh.”

DM: “Roll a Strength check”

Player: *rolls, succeeds*

DM: “Good work.  You get it about four inches off the ground before the shoulder straps break and the seams give out, dumping a few hundred pounds of gold across your feet.”

(Honestly, the rest of us applauded.)

It wasn’t gold heavy, but paper’s heavier than many people think, when you get enough of it.

What did I pick up?

Books spread out
18 books for 90$? Yes please.
  • Everquest RPG
    • Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark
    • Realms of Norrath: Freeport
    • Plane of Hate
    • Everquest II Player’s Guide
  • Fast Forward Entertainment
    • Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons
    • Devilish Devices
  • Goodman Games
    • Dragonmech
  • Green Ronin
    • True 20 Adventure Roleplaying: Second Edition (two copies)
  • Malhavoc Press
    • Hyperconscious
    • Book of Roguish Luck
    • Cry Havoc
  • Mongoose Press (I already had these, but they’re good enough having two copies — one for each room I work in — is handy)
    • Classic Play: Book of the Planes
    • Classic Play: Book of Immortals
  • Steve Jackson Games
    • GURPS Magic Items 1
    • GURPS Magic Items 2
    • GURPS Magic Items 3
  • Sword & Sorcery Studio
    • The Faithful and the Foresaken

I’ve got to say, for 90$ + 5% HST I think this was a pretty decent haul.

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