Link of Fame: Immortals Trailers

I first learned of this movie about ten minutes ago.  I have no idea if it will be good or bad, but I do know this:

I need to watch this, because I expect it will illustrate some concepts critical to Echelon d20.

Also, this looks badass.

Immortals – Official Trailer

Immortals – Official Trailer 2

Immortals – Fight Scene

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  1. I assume that the guy with the swords on his helmet is Ares, and Hermes is easy to spot too.

    Theseus’ “multi-shot” stunt was a bit Echelonny (that’s a word now) certainly. Maybe Champion-level Rapid Shot. Of course Legendary level has to be reserved for “hail of death against everyone in range who’s so much as looking at me cock-eyed”! :-D

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