Introducing the Hall of Fame

I’ve gotten more serious in my blogging and have been posting my Links of the Week for about five months now, and I’ve noticed a few things.

  • The same blogs show up repeatedly with a series of related articles (such as JB’s current Land of Ice series, or Niccodaemus’ series on the gods, or satyre’s series on damned cities).
  • Tracking down a series of posts, or even specific standalone posts, is getting to be annoyingly difficult.  The Links of the Week are nice to have, but digging through them all looking for links by topic is more effort than I like.
  • I find that I refer to a number of posts (my own and others) fairly regularly, such as Justin Alexander’s D&D: Calibrating Expectations, and my own campaign setting design articles (especially regarding Entity Definitions).

In order to make things easier to find, I have started a Hall of Fame where I aggregate links by topic so they’ll be easier for me to find, and so I can group related links together better.

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