Links of the Week: February 15, 2012

Huzzah!  A couple of days late, but I’m all caught up (up to 4:00 pm February 14, at least).  Finally.

No Kickstarter projects this week (next week; I just want to get this wrapped up).

Added to the Hall of Fame this Week

(Well, since I only started the Hall of Fame this week, everything that’s there now!)

Some of these (Discworld, Damned Cities, Of the Gods) are works in progress.  They’ll show up in the ‘recently updated pages’ widget as and when I update their pages.

… and the sky full of dust

theskyfullofdust is working on a new campaign setting.  The Seven Kingdoms looks promising and flavorful even with just the very brief notes I can see here.  I’m looking forward to reading more about it, especially since it’s using Adventurer Conqueror King, something else that really has my attention (but not yet my time, sadly).

First, some class templates and design notes.

Next, racial proficiencies.

This series will probably be hoisted into the Hall of Fame next time around.

Between are the Doors

Fictivite is posting a series of thirteen new gods for OSH, starting with Canticles of the Sun, Canticles of the Moon, and Canticles of Deceit.

Dreams in the Lich House

An interesting idea, Beedo’s Hierarchy of Campaign Needs.  I have considered something similar, but not in such a simply-presented way.

Elf Steaks & Halfling Bacon

BeefGriller shares the legend of Bokû And Ailikií – Gods Of The Islands.  Flavorful and somewhat exotic gods, and they sound like something Dariel at Hari Ragat would be interested in.

Howling Tower

Steve presents some definitions for alignments that might be more workable than have been published before.  I think they likely would be.

In further pondering, it looks like he might contradict the previous post when he asks why bother with alignment?  Though I do like the cosmic team jersey approach he describes as a reason and have used it for quite a while in my campaign.


Chase follows up on an earlier post with RPG Group Templates — A Second Look.  I missed this topic the first time around, but it’s a mechanism I’d like to explore a little more.

Jeff’s Gameblog

Jeff tells us about his favorite band… but it’s not quite what it seems from the title.  He’s fairly clever in his circumlocutions, but the pictures make it easy to follow.

Lawful Indifferent

Nick Wright describes the world of Rodiel and it’s not a normal place.  “A Cosmonaut Is You!” indeed.  The “Part 1” in the title looks promising, I want to know what happens next.

Rolang’s Creeping Doom

Rolang presents three Dice Drop Tables… a concept I’d like to explore further.

Oh look, a blank grid, how convenient!


Tonybro001 went the the effort of making an Ages of D&D Timeline.  There are a few suggestions for additions (including the D&D cartoon, which I was going to suggest) in the comments.  In fact, there are several iterations; this is the latest.

The Spirits of Eden

Dennis provides a (hex)map of the World of Adel.  I wondered what it looked like.

YouTube – The Dragon-Slayer (language warning)

(by way of The Troll Den — some bad words in it)

William Hobbs best movie sword fights

William Hobbs died recently.  He was one of the best sword fight directors ever.  Here is a selection of his choreography (link by way of Really Bad Eggs).

PMV: Never Split the Party

I’m not really a My Little Ponies kind of guy… but this was funny and well done.  Link by way of Erin at Lurking Rhythmically.

I feel the urge to hunt down some more of this music.  Geeky and catchy at the same time.

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