Jenatep, Keeper of Memory

Jenatep is the patron of librarians, those who gather and preserve information. When summoned, he manifests as a great tome, and communicates by flipping pages to display text and images with his responses.

He is obsessed with gathering information and sharing it with those who would learn… with little discrimination. He is not interested in ‘good’ versus ‘evil’, but opposes to the point of violence anyone who would destroy knowledge. Jenatep also encourages followers to ‘free information’, even if it means criminal acts against those who would ‘capture’ information or try to limit knowledge to only ‘certain people’.

Jenatep’s vassals gain the following favors and drawbacks.

Deep Reader All Lore skills are treated as trained. If actually trained, make checks with advantage. On a failed check, vassal is confused, as the Malediction of Lunacy for 1d6 rounds (consider as a failed Dark and Dangerous Magic check). Vassal smells musty, as of old books and scrolls.

Sight Beyond Sight A vassal with 6 or more favor may, on a successful Detection check, spend a point of favor to use Sight Beyond Sight as the spell. A vassal with 6 or more favor may, on a successful Insight check, spend a point of favor to use Detect Thoughts (below) against the target of the Insight check, with the target’s save only allowing discovery of the effect, not preventing it. A vassal with 6 or more favor picks up an attitude of intense examination when dealing with people, putting them off, and makes charisma-based checks at disadvantage.

Sublime Consultation A vassal with 10 or more favor may, on a successful Lore check, spend favor to ask questions of Jenatep. Each point of favor spent allows one question as like Beseech the Ancient Ones, but with half the chance of madness (10% cumulative per question) and receiving clear answers (to the limit of one sentence per answer). The vassal always seems a little distracted and second-guessing; when favor is 10 or more the vassal rolls initiative with disadvantage.

Supporting Material

The Detect Thoughts spell was removed from Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition, so I’ve included it here.

Detect Thoughts

2nd Level
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 2d6 rounds

The caster may detect and skim the surface thoughts of a single intelligent entity up to a distance of 60 ft. A Luck (Will) save resists. If the spell is resisted, the target is fully aware that some form of mind affecting magic was just attempted. Detect Thoughts is blocked by a thin sheet of lead, or stone, earth or wood more than 1 ft thick.

Note: This is the original spell description from Low Fantasy Gaming Free Edition. When used as part of the Sight Beyond Sight favor, the target does not get a Luck (Will) save against the thought reading, but a successful Luck (Will) save will reveal that some form of mind-affecting magic was used.

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