Media Library: Further Data Modeling

This post is mostly to capture the spurious thoughts that pop up while designing a data model.

Specifically, things that could be captured and managed by this tool, that strictly speaking are not ‘media’.

  • Section 15 information. I work with a significant amount of Open Game Content (Pathfinder 1e, mostly). Part of the licensing agreement is to capture ‘Section 15’ information identifying data provenance. Each document released under the Open Gaming License is required to identify Open Game Content and Product Identity, and to identify the documents that it draws open content from. It might be useful to have an ‘Open Game Content’ plugin that does the following:
    • Adds an ‘Open Game Content’ field to Document. Freeform text, usually a paragraph or so, though it might be a very short paragraph. My favorite is “all text is OGC”.
    • Add a ‘Product Identity’ field to Document. Freeform text, usually a paragraph or so, though it might be a very short paragraph (minimal is usually along the lines of “trade dress, proper nouns and graphical elements”).
    • Section 15 Entry entity, consisting of a title and a copyright notice. This might even have ‘subentries’ to help normalize the Section 15 information (i.e. fix errors that creep into the copyright text or even the titles, so canonical Section 15 entries can be used: “if you see this, it means this one).
  • Content entities. While not ‘media’, these could be something like ‘enhanced tags’… I can imagine identifying that ‘this object is defined in this document’, or ‘this topic is discussed in these documents’.
    • At this level it is a lot like tags, except that each such entity might (ideally) be associated with one and only one document. ‘Spell’ would be a good tag, ‘fireball spell’ might not.

I’m sure more will come to mind as I go.

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