Midpoint Check-In 2016

A-Z 2016 "M"I thought I’d take a few minutes and do a quick summary of where I stand with this year’s A-Z Challenge.

The big topic this time around is graded items, special items with abilities of various grades or degrees of power or utility. I’ve got a few posts about encounter design that I expect I’ll expand on another time,¬†and mention a couple of books of sorcerer bloodlines (one published, one not yet written).

Given how much I’ve written so far about graded items, I expect that’ll be my next book. Get the rules together and cleaned up, write up a few dozen examples, and it should be good to go. Perhaps I’ll write about that for… well, whatever day I find a good letter to assign to, I suppose.

(The dates will generally disagree with when the blog says I posted them. For this exercise I’m publishing at 9:00 PM Pacific time the day before — partly so it’s at midnight Eastern time, but mostly because I’m up before 5:00 AM the next morning to go to work and I like to post the links to my social media before I sleep.)

Date Letter Words Title Description
2016-04-15 M 296 Metamagic Feats in Graded Wands and Staves
M 296 Midpoint Check-In
2016-04-14 L 457 Legendary/Spontaneous Graded Items, Made Simpler
L 2,096 Legendary/Spontaneous Graded Items
2016-04-13 K 767 “Kill Everything”: Making That Plan B
2016-04-12 J 2,416 JRPG-Inspired Encounter Design
2016-04-11 I 2,055 Improving Encounter Economy and Design
2016-04-09 H 1,157 Hammer Time! Polyhedral Graded Weapons and Armor
2016-04-08 G 940 Graded Weapons and Armor
2016-04-07 F 1,317 Forging Graded Items
F 62 Fey Bloodlines
2016-04-06 E 1,789 Exploring Multiple Charge Casting for Graded Items
2016-04-05 D 845 Determining Market Price of Graded Staves and Wands
2016-04-04 C 907 Crafting Graded Staves
C 718 Crafted Graded Wands
2016-04-03 B 198 Blood of Dragons? In My Veins? It’s More Common Than You Think
2016-04-01 A 466 Assigning Graded Abilities
Total 16,832

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