Pathfinder Rage Power Graph

I have been working on some Rage talents for Echelon and decided the Iron Heroes berserker abilities were a little too thin for my purposes.

Thankfully I remembered the Barbarian Rage Powers collected at and decided to raid them.  There were rather more than I expected, drawn from the Pathfinder Core Rule Book, Advanced Player Guide, and Ultimate Combat).  In fact, I make it over a hundred (109, if my arithmetic doesn’t fail me) of them.  And Class Acts: Barbarians (which I don’t have just bought) has 32 more.

Altogether I have 141 Barbarian tricks.

Pathfinder Barbarians get, I think ten of these.  Granted, these are just tricks, but 10/141 is… yeah.  Throw in prerequisites and it gets kind of hairy.

In fact, hairy enough I decided to do up a little graph of the relationships.

The white nodes are from Paizo references, the pale brown ones are third party.

[hmm.  I suppose technically I could remove the ‘same-level’ links, since you only get one power per level anyway… but it’s after midnight and I’m up early in the morning.  Maybe the second draft. –kjd]

Pathfinder Rage Powers
Pathfinder Rage Powers
(minimum level across the top, white is from Paizo, pale brown is third-party, arrows indicate prerequisites)

A little bit crazy, isn’t it?

However, I do see a lot here I can mine, so it’s all good.


    • Now that I’m working more with PDF data sources I’m seeing a fair amount of protection. I don’t much mind not being able to edit the PDF, but not being able to copy is kind of rude, I think.

      On the other hand, it’s not that hard to clear once you know how, as long as they aren’t password locked (which would make them unreadable without the password, so I’m not afraid of that happening).

    • thankfully a Barbarian will have no more than ten of these (unless a feat exists to let him pick another; if there isn’t, there probably will be), so you don’t need to have them all at hand in play… but picking between them? Yeah, annoying.

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