Polyhedral Pantheons Book Outline

Polyhedral Pantheons Cover
Polyhedral Pantheons Cover

I’ve learned more about the Polyhedral Pantheons methods than I knew when I started exploring the ideas. It’s time to organize, polish, and publish more formally.

I aim to have it out next week. The working outline is:

  • Introduction
  • Process (Crunch-Oriented)
    • Glossary (point, face, edge, node)
    • Domain Allocation
      • Subdomains
      • Hybrid Domains
      • Exalted Domains
  • Fleshing Things Out (Fluff-Oriented)
    • Portfolios
    • Portfolio vs. Domain
    • Alternate Channeling
    • Adapting¬†Paladin Codes
    • Religious Dress
  • Polyhedral Examination
    • d12, d20 Dual
    • d6, d8 Dual
    • d4
    • d10, 2d10
    • Alternate d8 (d10-style)
  • Sample Pantheons
  • Appendices
    • Worksheets
    • Domain Lists (with sources)
      • Domains
      • Subdomains
      • Hybrid Domains
      • Exalted Domains


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