The Post to End It

On Christmas, GreyKnight sent me a blog post generator that does a decent job capturing this blog.

Keith Davies Blog Post Generator

Subject matter (d8):

d8 Subject
1 Revisit old post and completely change everything.
2 Geomorphs.
3 Random tables (see Appendix A for the Random Random Table Table).
4 Echelon.
5 Research/reference material for Echelon.
6 Books with collected reference material for Echelon.
7 New and exciting uses for GraphViz.
8 Statistical heavy lifting.

Paragraphs appearing: 5d20

Number of tables and diagrams: d6

To generate a table, roll d20 on the Table Table Table (appendix B), then roll 2d10 on the Table Table thus selected.

Chance of needing a follow-up post (d%):

d% Follow-up Post?
01-10 No.
11-100 Yes.

Did everything work out as expected? (d8):

d8 As Expected?
1-5 Yes.
6 No.
7 No, and I’m okay with that.
8 No, and that’s awesome!

Closing Comments

Well, that’s about it then. If the content itself isn’t of interest, this about sums up.

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