Link of Fame: Winter is Coming Festival

From time to time a number of RPG bloggers will decide that some topic or another would be fun to post on.  This time, wombat proposed and organized a festival called “Winter is Coming”.

Winter is Coming


I meant to join this festival but didn’t have an opportunity to plan what I was going to write before registration (such as it was, “tell me what you plan to write”) closed.  Some of the related posts so far look… let’s say ‘interesting’ or ‘intriguing’, rather than ‘cool’.  Because that would have sounded dumb.

I originally had this link in my ‘Links of the Week’ for this week, but so many good articles have been generated that it was blowing that post up.  I decided it was better to link Wombat’s page (which has links to all of the articles) than to try to keep track of them in mine.

Enjoy, I certainly am.

Link of Fame: Daffy Duck the Wizard

This video has been making the rounds in blogs and social media sites (Google+, Facebook) for a few days now, and I’m far from the first to post this…

But I must admit, this video has me looking up the rest of the series.  Classic(-style) metal, complete with arcane allusions and references, and Daffy Duck?  I had dreams almost exactly like this growing up, except, well, I wasn’t a duck.

This is an HD (720p, if you go to maximum resolution, scaled down here to fit the page) version.  Rock on.

Links of the Week: September 26, 2011

No real theme this week, but I am unusually excited about the West Marches material (as shown by my post yesterday talking about starting my own campaign in a similar style).

Topic: “My Edition of D&D”

I’m going to start off with a couple of related posts.

With Monte Cook returning to Wizards of the Coast, some of Mike Mearls’ posts over the last few months, and some other observations, many people suspect that D&D 5e is in the works.  This has prompted some discussion of “what I would do” on several blogs.

I could have sworn I saw another one or two posts about this topic this week, but I can’t seem to find them now.

ars ludi

Grand Experiments: West Marches

An open table in a sandbox environment.  The GM constructs the world and runs the game, but it’s up to the players to assemble into groups for each adventure.  The specific players involved at any given time can vary, game day can vary (within limits — the GM has to be available), but apart from setting the stage and adjudicating, the GM doesn’t plan the adventures.

I like the idea.  I want to think about it a bit more, but this might work rather well for me running games online.

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