Designing a Pantheon: Another New Pantheon

Last year’s A-Z Blog Challenge was almost successful (21/26, I got as far as ‘U’), but I petered out before the end.

This year I figured I’d try something a little more straightforward, applying a familiar process and get myself back in the habit of writing.

I’ll create a new pantheon for a roleplaying game setting. I don’t have a setting in mind yet, but I’ve found that developing a pantheon gets me quite a bit of world building fodder. Everything happens for a reason (even if that reason is “weird things happen sometimes”). As I create each deity I try to find their place in the world, to describe what their followers might be like and how a deity like this could come about.

The Elemental Tetratheon had an idea I wanted to explore (namely a pantheon with four distinct groups, each centered on a particular element), but otherwise I really went into it with no preconceptions. The halfling pantheon name came out of trying to find a title starting with ‘S’ for the 2015 A-Z Blog Challenge (‘comfortable’ became something in Chinese I anglicized as ‘Shu-Shi’) and led to a fantasy medieval Chinese halfling culture.

So, I’ve has some success with this approach. I really have no specific plans in what this pantheon will look like, and thus will probably be as surprised as my readers at what I end up with.

Let’s find out, shall we?


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