Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 0

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

Yesterday we ran a Microscope session to build the baseline for the Seekers of Lore campaign setting. In Round 0 we laid the groundwork for what was to follow.

Age of Gods, Round 0

We kept everything to the Age of Gods, when the gods were still building and directly manipulating the Prime Plane. Civilization growed and flourished, and yet this was still a dark age because the gods ran roughshod over the mortals.


The palette was set after two passes:

  • in: gods walk the earth
  • out: no dragons
  • in: some gods are not immortal
  • out: no arcane magic
  • in: energy of creation comes from plants imported from Paradise and the Elemental Planes
  • in: “laboratory areas” where gods experiment with ideas for improvements


  • in: oaths sometimes have power beyond expectation
  • PASS
  • out: disease does not exist yet
  • PASS
  • in: all gods except elder gods may be permanently changed by amorphia
  • in: elemental beings are trying to figure out the nature of the universe

The opening and ending periods were declared.

Eras Defined

Opening Period: By the Grace of the Gods [light]

The gods start considering mortals as “more valuable than rocks”, and start treating them as side-effects that are interesting and potentially useful.

Ending Period: The Coming Storm [dark]

Unexpected events are interfering with the gods’ actions.

Age of Gods Timeline

  • Period: By the Grace of the Gods [light]
  • Period: The Coming Storm [dark]

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