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Sometimes Adversarial DMs Can Be Fun…

Long, long ago we were playing in a campaign and had a flying ship. We hired troll shock troops. A little more expensive than normal mercenaries, but the extra cost was offset by reduced materiel costs — we didn’t have to pay for parachutes, the trolls would aim when they dropped on enemy troops. time […]

Fantastic Location: Rime Tower, Part 3 — Implementation

Finally, I am in a position to describe Rime Tower in (hopefully succinct) detail.  I started more than two weeks ago looking for Inspiration, applied some Perspiration, and now move to Implementation. Potential (because I’m not describing them now) other entities are highlighted in bold.  Text in <angle brackets> indicates a placeholder — I am […]

Fantastic Location: Rime Tower, Part 2 — Perspiration

A couple of days ago I came up with the idea of Rime Tower.  I started basically from a blank sheet of paper, some dice, and a small (mmm… about six-inch) stack of RPG books and went looking for ideas. I ended up with a rough idea of what I was going to build– Rime […]

Fantastic Location: Rime Tower, Part 1 – Inspiration

For the last week or so I have been talking about fantastic locations.  I have described one, I have discussed even more the resources I use when devising them.  I thought it time to describe another one, and I realized that I didn’t feel like going back to revise an older one I’ve posted here, […]

Fantastic Locations: The Ghost Hills

I originally wrote about the Ghost Hills a few years ago, and it got kind of parked until I decided to expand on the material for use in a new campaign.  That fell through, so I figured I’d present it here, along with some of the supporting material.  The original post used the proto-template that […]

Celtic-Type Setting in D&D 3.x

This topic was started in on May 24, 2007. The original thread can be read at Here are some initial thoughts on a Celtic-type region in my campaign.  I haven’t worked out much by way of names and the like yet; here I’m sketching out what game entities could be expected to […]

Kreshtar Tribes

Role Theme Horse-riding nomadic orcs (elites ride pegasi). Conflicts Homeland plains are encroached on by the Empire of the Sun. Blood feud with the Ssthar tribes (ancient enmity, and relatively recently the Ssthar managed to wipe out the Kreshtar pegasi – and the son of their leader, who was one of the pegasus riders Reward […]

Gods and Alignment

Something I’m considering for my next campaign is largely divorcing gods and the like from alignments altogether. Basically, the more powerful the god, the less the god is aligned. The idea here is that to gain full power over something, the god must encompass all aspects of it. This would preclude having an alignment. If […]

Pillar of Souls

Most creatures, when they die, simply pass on. Their spirit may linger near the mortal world for a short time, and may even be called back by the right magics (such as raise dead and the like), but even this is uncommon. Less frequently, a dying creature with unfinished business may find his soul trapped […]

Eye of Fire

Geography The Eye of Fire is a caldera lake over an active volcano. From above it is almost perfectly circular, a deep blue (except for some red of magma visible at the bottom), and steaming hot. It is said to be a holy site of the good god of the elements. The Brotherhood of the […]