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Examples of Adapted Polyhedral Pantheons

I’m calling ‘Examples’ close enough for ‘X Day’ of the A-Z Blog Challenge. The last couple of posts have been about ways the Polyhedral Pantheons mechanism can be adapted to other purposes. In this post I’ll start applying the adaptations. Adaptations of Polyhedral Pantheons I’m going to start with just the initial work, assigning some attributes and […]

Working on Polyhedral Adaptations

Yesterday I wrote about adapting the Polyhedral Pantheons mechanism for other purposes. And now my brain, because it’s like that, insists I make some notes about the attributes that might be used for the various adaptations. Polyhedral Pantheons Adaptations For (almost) every adaptation in yesterday’s post, I’ll present a draft table of attributes that can […]

Variations on a Theme: Adapting Polyhedral Pantheons

I’ve been doing a lot of work on Polyhedral Pantheons this month. The processes and mechanisms were devised around creating a pantheon, but they can be adapted to other purposes. Primary elements of the process and its results are: Attributes are placed on sites (points and/or faces) of a polyhedron. Entities are described based on the attributes […]

Ultimate Shu-shi Deities Post

As much as I like the Shu-shi pantheon and the implied culture, and as delighted as I am at the results, and as glad I am to have this pantheon drafted, I don’t mean this is the best Shu-shi article ever. Even if there is only one other to compare it to. It’s just the last […]

Twelve Shu-shi Deities

‘T day’ in the A-Z Blog Challenge. I refused to be cheap and claim a title starting with ‘The’, but I’m not too proud to use ‘Twelve’. Here are twelve of the twenty-two Shu-shi deities. The Jixiang Shen are the auspicious deities, favored by (and believed to favor) the Shu-shi. The Bukeshi Shen would never be […]

Shu-shi Pantheon (Halfling Pantheon Revised)

I started work on a halfling pantheon to include in Polyhedral Pantheons, but it got sidelined while I worked on other things. Now that I’m up to ‘S’ in the April A-Z Blog Challenge I thought I’d look for a name for the halflings, or at least the subpantheons I expect to include, that starts with […]

Reviewing the Elemental Tetratheon

The Elemental Tetratheon is a deliberately polarized pantheon focusing primarily on the hermetic elements. While I like how most of the deities in this pantheon turned out, and the individual subpantheons show merit, I decided to take a closer look to see how they fit together as a whole. Final List of Deities Below is the […]

Quick Update on Polyhedral Pantheons

The April A-Z Blog Challenge is proving to be a great way to encourage me to work on Polyhedral Pantheons. I have completed drafts of all deities of the Goblin Pantheon and the Elemental Tetratheon. The Halfling Pantheon is hardly started, but I should be able to get back to that one soon. Reviewing against the book outline […]

Water Deities of the Elemental Tetratheon

I was asked how ‘water can be chaotic’. Certainly the surface of the water can be unpredictable, but water, fluids in general, follow rules. In fact, the movement of water encourages and grows toward more orderly movement (erosion cuts channels so water will be more likely to follow ‘previous water’). Which is all true, but […]

Air Deities of the Elemental Tetratheon

Here are the air deities of the Elemental Tetratheon. Not actually part of the A-Z Challenge, or I would’ve done it three weeks ago for ‘A’, but I have a use for it fairly soon. Much of this pantheon was shaped, even created, by a tragic misjudgement on Povjetara’s part. It broke her mind, and the […]