Designing a Pantheon: Kicked to the Curb, Again

Ten posts complete… I think this is the shorted A-Z Blog Challenge failure I’ve had. I started to write ‘earliest’, but it took almost two weeks for me to admit it to myself.

We’ve had some shakeups at work this month. These don’t actually directly add to my workload (in fact, several of the changes are specifically to reduce my workload), but they do occupy a lot of my mind. I haven’t had the time and attention to spend on the blog challenge.

Ah well. These things happen.

I do want to come back to this, but I think I’ll want to have Divine Trappings (aw man, I almost completed last year’s challenge, I got as far as ‘V’ before running out of energy!) in place before I do. One of the stumbling blocks I had this time was that I really didn’t have a good mechanism in place to guide my interpretation of the domain sets. That is, given a set of domains I didn’t always have a clear image of what the deity with those domains would be like. I find that when I’m tired these things can be very difficult for me, and I do better when I have tools to help my imagination. In this case I had hoped to use the subdomains to help, but in many cases they weren’t particularly inspiring to me. This topic is very specifically what Diving Trappings is intended to help with.


    • Every. Year. I think “I should write these ahead of time, then posting through April will be easy”.

      Hasn’t happened yet.

      I agree that I should be able to get a good pantheon out of this. I might shake it up a few times (the Batman-inspired bits jumped at me hard but I don’t know that I’d keep them in the long run), but I can see several ways to make this go. I came in without a strong sense of what i wanted and haven’t had the time and attention needed to work it into shape.

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