Polyhedral Pantheons: Alternate Polyhedrons

This morning, for whatever reason, I was thinking about using other polyhedrons in the Polyhedral Pantheon methodology. I originally considered the Platonic solids, partly because they would give the most consistent results, but mostly because the entire idea was prompted by the Rose of the Prophet series written by Margaret Weis …

Rethinking Pathfinder Cleric Subdomains, Part 1

I’ll start by saying that I like Pathfinder’s domains and subdomains. Domains provide a structured means to collect divine spells and granted powers so they can be assigned and associated with gods in a structured way.  Pathfinder expanded on the D&D 3.x model by adding an intermediate power available to …

Polyhedral Pantheons: Sanity Check

When developing something new, it is often worthwhile to look around and compare to similar things that already exist to make sure you’re not going too far off the rails — or if you are, that it is in a direction you want. In this post I do a rough comparison of my intermediate results with the Greyhawk pantheon to make sure I’m not too far out of line. I’m mildly surprised at what i find.

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