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Campaign Setting Design

After reading most of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, I stumbled on The Dresden Files RPG, and clearly it had to be mine. I’m only about fifty pages in, and I’ve read a campaign design technique hadn’t really thought about. I’ve been doing something similar for a while, but hadn’t really formalized it in […]

Pillar of Souls

Most creatures, when they die, simply pass on. Their spirit may linger near the mortal world for a short time, and may even be called back by the right magics (such as raise dead and the like), but even this is uncommon. Less frequently, a dying creature with unfinished business may find his soul trapped […]

Nodes of Power

Another idea inspired by fiction, this one is based on the Dance of the Rings series by Jane S. Fancher (I’ve only ever found three books; there’s a fourth book in the works). In this series there are ‘leythium nodes’, places of power. Leythium seems to be a form of plotdevicium, so there really isn’t […]

Eye of Fire

Geography The Eye of Fire is a caldera lake over an active volcano. From above it is almost perfectly circular, a deep blue (except for some red of magma visible at the bottom), and steaming hot. It is said to be a holy site of the good god of the elements. The Brotherhood of the […]

Diamond Mist Falls

A waterfall with elemental power. Geography Diamond Mist Falls is a waterfall so high that the water turns to mist before reaching the bottom. There seems to be some kind of elemental power here, though what kind is not entirely certain. Game Mechanics Spells cast in the mist at the bottom of the falls can […]

Charnel Plains

Geography These plains are located fairly centrally to the nearby countries. The red, moist soil does not support very much plant life, in most places. The Charnel Plains have been the site of many battles over the centuries. So much blood has been shed here that the ground itself now bleeds. There are a couple […]

Storm Mountain

Geography Storm Mountain is a high peak with unusually severe weather (blizzards in winter, thunderstorms in summer, storms and hurricanes almost any time). Almost no one lives here. Mountains aren’t generally all that hospitable anyway, and where you’ve got lots of storms they’re even less so. However, here is a major temple of the storm […]

Burning Wood

Smoke wafts above the canopy of the great forest, lit faintly red underneath by a distant fire, a sign the Burning Hills lie ahead. Miles of forest lie burned to the ground, and now you can see the flames licking a thousand feet in the air in the hills beyond, darkening the skies with it’s […]

Ghost Hills

Centuries ago, the Necromancer King created a vast army of undead and was poised to sweep over the continent. His intent was to destroy and subjugate, enslaving the nations of the world and ruling over all. The free peoples of the continent joined forces and defeated him by a small margin of victory. Their losses […]