Divine Trappings: Naming Artifacts, Second Try

A few days ago I wrote Making Names for Myself (I actually have a buffer this month!) and put up a hundred artifact names. They were pretty okay, I think, but it felt like the naming could be tighter.

At the same time, I drafted a (very cheap) post for ‘N Day’, Names of Power. I picked off the names of the artifact owners from the previous post. I wrote it, I scheduled it, I’ll leave the post up.

But it was cheap. Since then I’ve drafted a couple more posts (Object Tables for Making Artifacts, going up tomorrow, and Picking Colors and Materials, going up overmorrow — the day after tomorrow). In doing this, I’ve enriched the tables a bit, expanding on the range of objects and descriptors available.

After looking over the output from the previous run, I’ve also tweaked the rules a bit. I’ve struck rules 2 (descriptor object) and 7 (object of descriptor) because they produced insipid results. That is, none of the names those two rules generated looked at all interesting to me.

  1. &artifactType of &artifactOwner
  2. &artifactDescriptor &artifactType
  3. &artifactDescriptor &artifactType of &artifactOwner
  4. &artifactOwner’s &artifactType
  5. &artifactOwner’s &artifactDescriptor &artifactType
  6. &artifactDescriptorColor &artifactType of &artifactDescriptorColorNot
  7. &artifactType of &artifactDescriptorColorNot

What it left me with, though, looked pretty good to me.

1 Water Shirt of WaurixWaurix51 Waurix’s BootsWaurix
2 Osvith’s Death CartOsvith52 Rust Cauldron of Death
3 Death Book of Ishteus’uoIshteus’uo53 Kiroshtu’s LeggingsKiroshtu
4 Life Moccasins of Lor-PeralLor-Peral54 Jeneeshasha’s Earth NecklaceJeneeshasha
5 Atoli’s Ashen HelmetAtoli55 Zaroth’s BookZaroth
6 Yg-Ualinn’s Death PauldronYg-Ualinn56 Blue Headdress of Waves
7 White Bell of Fire57 Green Stiletto of Air
8 Orange Tiara of ThothThoth58 Fawn Harp of SaernSaern
9 Bell of ShaleshenaShaleshena59 Horn of Nor-ParonNor-Paron
10 Yg-Anguth’s CoatYg-Anguth60 Icta’s Brass ChimeIcta
11 Thul’s FluteThul61 Ozoadtala’s RodOzoadtala
12 Amber Bardiche of Air62 Tharta’s ChimeTharta
13 Assat’s Life ShieldAssat63 Ochre Brooch of Death
14 Ai’ir’s Life GloveAi’ir64 Battleaxe of TsalTsal
15 Ya-atak’s ShieldYa-atak65 Yar-Kephoti’s Fire GloveYar-Kephoti
16 Green Lantern of Life66 Iqu-Akor’s Amber LocketIqu-Akor
17 Sarugoa’s Air SpindleSarugoa67 Orhela’s Death BookOrhela
18 Blue Mace of QuarashaQuarasha68 Thua’s Cherry ChimeThua
19 Life Chaplet of Kal-MolrethKal-Molreth69 Ator’s PantaloonsAtor
20 Baragoratem’s Blue HornBaragoratem70 Frosted Chest of Zot-AunrosZot-Aunros
21 Red Chaplet of HerakeereusHerakeereus71 Kiroth’s BootsKiroth
22 Diron Klatoa’s Green HammerDiron Klatoa72 Citrine Satchel of Rebirth
23 Orhzoada-Pheth’s Mist CarriageOrhzoada-Pheth73 Death Bell of KaotheerKaotheer
24 Orange Hourglass of Death74 Tsatengg’s Iron BludgeonTsatengg
25 Dusky Bracelet of Life75 Zules’s Life KayakZules
26 Death Loom of Samonos KlaashaSamonos Klaasha76 Indigo Wagon of HerakonothHerakonoth
27 Ankhdaya’s Smoke CutlassAnkhdaya77 Diragor’s BulwarkDiragor
28 Libram of CathCath78 Athestya’s Green ScepterAthestya
29 Gilak’s ShieldGilak79 Lime Bow of Death
30 Green Lamp of Air80 Lute of Ka-Sa-PhethKa-Sa-Pheth
31 Green Pin of RebirthRebirth81 Ra-eseesh’s GongRa-eseesh
32 Bracelet of KrakatepKrakatep82 Kayak of KabilKabil
33 Aunros’s Red BookAunros83 Bulwark of NatlotNatlot
34 Ankh’ao Nytala’s NeedleAnkh’ao Nytala84 Carriage of SundirraSundirra
35 Satchel of Kireer AenggKireer Aengg85 Oesha’s Jade MapOesha
36 Slatem’s Eternity KeelboatSlatem86 Death Sleigh of SoshaSosha
37 Life Dagger of Yg-KhemYg-Khem87 Kayak of Ost-MolrethOst-Molreth
38 Death Chariot of RurtruxRurtrux88 Cordath’s ChapletCordath
39 Pale Ranseur of Earth89 Iron Slippers of Shal’uoShal’uo
40 Yar-Natlot’s Death GongYar-Natlot90 Life Glove of Fel-BhaFel-Bha
41 Canoe of HulzaHulza91 Chakram of GilakGilak
42 Mitrenahoggos’s Fire PlateMitrenahoggos92 Purple Flute of Air
43 Death Dagger of PhlomPhlom93 Ecru Glaive of Fire
44 Thoth’s Earth ScepterThoth94 Dhamoshtu’s RapierDhamoshtu
45 Jen’uo’s CircletJen’uo95 Ishtakles Ra-‘uo’s FlambergeIshtakles Ra-‘uo
46 Vaor-Tua’s Water BookVaor-Tua96 Iron Gauntlet of Air
47 Gong of KirheusoogKirheusoog97 Serape of MeusonorMeusonor
48 Maux’s Air SpearMaux98 Book of SundirraSundirra
49 White Hat of Death99 Scarlet Bracelet of TraeshtuaeusTraeshtuaeus
50 Cup of Ka-SonosKa-Sonos100 Auraknal’s Water LexiconAuraknal

Huh. Four pairs of duplicated owner names, and one of those pairs was the first in each batch of fifty artifact names generated. I’d ponder the odds of that, but I know they’d be awfully low.

Anyway, again not all of them are winners, but I see quite a few more I’d like to know more about. There’s just something about these patterns that speaks to me.

Closing Comments

This list of artifacts feels stronger to me. The really weak rules are gone. I might yet remove rule #6 (&artifactDescriptorColor &artifactType of &artifactDescriptorColorNot), but while things like the “White Hat of Death” feel less compelling than “Thoth’s Earth Scepter” or the “Iron Slippers of Shal-uo” (I really want to know more about those ones, there’s a story there!), it’s still sufficient.

Overall, I like the state the engine’s in. It still can be better, more powerful or specific to purpose: I could have descriptors identified for the domains, and artifact owners (deities, here) with those domains, then connect them. If Altazard is the god of fiery death (Fire and Death domains, obviously) has the Immolation Trident of Altazard could show up Fire domain for sure, and possibly the Death domain (assuming it had some power from both domains, even if only one shows up in the actual name).

Also, I’d like to revise the naming tables. I like the ones I’m using, but they’re based on tables I don’t have copyright for, and thus can’t post here (or include in Divine Trappings).

So. To work! Two more items for the backlog!

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