Echelon Reference Series Preview: Classes Index PDF

Echelon Reference Series: Classes Index
Echelon Reference Series: Classes Index

I’ve been kind of busy lately, so many projects in the works.

Here’s a sample from one that’s been going on for about a year now, the Echelon Reference Series. I’ve been working on setting up indexing options, to see what additional information I might need to help make this more workable. (I also found I need to rework how I set the index up — the way I was doing it allowed for only one index entry when I define the object, and that Clearly Won’t Do.)

When I actually make the Echelon Reference Series available I’ll be splitting it up by topic. This is mostly to make them digestible, both to people using them and to me in assembling them. There’s a lot of work involved, so keeping each to a single topic limits how much data cleanup has to be done Right Now.

Also, even the individual books are kind of big. The draft Barbarian book is a 184-page PDF.

I wanted to see what the indexing looked like, though, especially when there was more data available. I took all the core classes and all the class features I’ve captured — I couldn’t be bothered to remove the ones for archetypes or classes not present in the book — and jammed them into a single source file. A quick (read: five minutes, on solid-state drives) build and I had myself a 400-page PDF.

Since I was mostly interested in the index, and thought I’d share it, I stripped out the actual content to make the index available for examination. The image on this article is a screenshot of the first page of the index, click to get the PDF.

Or click Echelon Reference Series: Classes Draft Index.

Let me know what you think.

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