Expanded Ranger Combat Styles

While reviewing Thieves’ World: Player’s Manual from Green Ronin, I found an expanded list of combat styles for rangers. I posted it to rec.games.frp.dnd, where people proposed additional ranger styles. This article collects them.

‘Ranged’ and ‘Two-Weapon’ styles below are as per RSRD, but the others are new. Unless otherwise indicated, the normal rules for ranger combat styles apply (gain the feats even if they don’t qualify, may use them only in light or no armor, may use as prerequisite feats for other abilities but they only apply when in light or no armor, etc.).

From Thieves’ World: Player’s Manual

Combat Style Name Combat Style Improved Combat Style Combat Style Mastery
Assault Cleave Great Cleave Improved Critical (any non-light melee weapon)
Cavalry Ride-By Attack Trample Spirited Charge
Ranged Rapid Shot Manyshot Improved Precise Shot
Skirmish Mobility Spring Attack Whirlwind Attack
Two-Weapon Two-Weapon Fighting Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

From Bill the Omnipotent

Bill’s contributions look like they’ve been leaning heavily on monk and rogue special abilities. RAW there are no feats for Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, or Evasion. IMC I either have written feats for these abilities or have considered them, so I’m okay with it from a mechanical perspective

Combat Style Name Combat Style Improved Combat Style Combat Style Mastery
Defensive Dodge Combat Expertise Blind-Fight
‘Jump out of the Way’ Uncanny Dodge Improved Uncanny Dodge Improved Evasion
Unarmed Improved Unarmed Strike Deflect Arrows Stunning Fist

From DougL

Doug’s contributions are based on adding class levels to monsters, (awakened) animals and magical beasts in particular, where Ranger would be the conceptually obvious class to add, but the class abilities suck because they ignore the natural abilities of the base creature.

So, he’s come up with some ranger combat styles that might enhance or at least work with their natural abilities. Not all of the feats mentioned are in RSRD or this site.

Combat Style Name Combat Style Improved Combat Style Combat Style Mastery
Flyer Flyby Attack Wingover Hover
Monster Melee Improved Natural Armor Improved Natural Attack (one natural weapon) Improved Critical (one natural weapon)
Monster Special Ability Focus Empower Spell-Like Ability Quicken Spell-Like Ability
Multiweapon Multiattack Multiweapon Fighting Improved Critical (any light melee weapon)

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