Lhamrul, Judge of Nightmares

Many faiths have the idea of a judge in the afterlife. A mortal dies and the spirit goes to a place of adjudication. If found worthy, the spirit moves on to a nice place; if found wanting, the spirit is sent to a place of punishment.

And then there is Lhamrul, Judge of Nightmares. When a petition is made against one who has done wrong, Lhamrul sends punishment to that mortal while still alive. The mortal will experience the consequences of all wrongs that mortal committed or that have been committed in that mortal’s name.

Be cautious when calling on Lhamrul. A false petition is itself doing wrong, and Lhamrul knows you did it.

Vassals gain the following favors and drawbacks.

Acumen of Lhamrul A vassal with 2 favor makes Insight checks with advantage, and Deception checks at disadvantage. The vassal can discern lies and deceptions readily, and has a imposing mien, but has an overpowering aversion to lying personally.

Judgement of Lhamrul A vassal with 6 favor may spend a point of favor to petition for the Judgement of Lhamrul, as the spell below, but must make a Dark and Dangerous Magic check. If the DDM check fails, Lhamrul overrules the vassal’s petition and it is inflicted on the vassal. A vassal with 6 favor has such an imposing presence that Leadership checks are made with advantage, but Persuasion checks are made at disadvantage: the vassal can probably run roughshod over others socially, but will not be liked.

Grand Judgement of Lhamrul A vassal with 10 favor may spend 1 point of favor per target to petition for the Judgement of Lhamrul on multiple targets, with the Dark and Dangerous Magic counter increasing by the number of targets… after the Judgement is decided.

Supporting Material

The Judgement of Lhamrul brings the phantasmal killer spell into Low Fantasy Gaming. At the GM’s discretion, other casters may learn this spell, but the use of this spell is always under Lhamrul’s control. All Dark and Dangerous Magic checks that fail when casting this spell inflict the consequences on the caster instead of the target.

I might also port in the nightmare spell (target cannot rest — no hit points, no spells, etc. — until spell is lifted or a long rest). I haven’t decided yet.

Judgement of Lhamrul

4th Level
Range: 120 ft
Duration: Instant

The target’s mind conjures the target’s most terrifying and horrifying fears. On a successful Luck (Will) save, the target is out of mind with terror (treat as Malediction of Lunacy, rolling effect every minute, with a save after each minute to end the effect). If that first save fails, the target drops dead in fear.


I liked the introduction and didn’t want to reframe it with crunchy notes about Lhamrul’s drives. I’ll note them here for later consideration… I’m still working out a template for defining patrons.

Promote Condition A world where all are treated fairly, without undue hardship caused or abetted by others.

Promote Ideal Absolute and uncompromising justice.

Oppose Person or Group Those who would gain by oppressing others or abusing power. This often equates to those with extreme wealth, unjust nobility, and other criminals.

The Leadership benefits are not ‘inspiring’ or ‘morale-boosting’ so much as ‘putting the fear of me into them’. It is not necessarily deliberately scaring others, but the imposing presence of the vassal.

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