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As soon as this title crossed my mind, I knew I had to use it.

A few articles ago I described how someone might gain favor of a patron. Now it’s time for some examples.

There is no direct link between patron favor and character level. You can have low-level characters with high favor of their patron, and high-level characters with little favor of a patron. Many characters will have no patron at all, and there will be some characters with multiple patrons (but they may have trouble keeping their obligations and prohibitions straight).

Patron favor and character level are not directly related, but both apply when devising a mission. In short, patron favor determines how long a mission will be, and character level determines how difficult. A patron will generally not task a vassal with a mission beyond the vassal’s ability, but the mission may take a long time or a large number of challenges to complete. A high-level vassal with low favor, on the other hand, might be tasked with a very difficult but short mission.

Patrons and Their Missions

The table below is taken from the earlier post on gaining favor of a patron. Let’s use it to devise some missions for a couple of patrons presented so far.


Almost all the missions can be framed as suitable for low- or high-favor characters, and for low- or high-level characters, depending on how complex you want to make the missions and how hazardous.

Aelliena, Enlightened Warrior of the Grand Chords

Aelliena is driven by self-improvement (her own and others’), the quest for elegance, and discovery of the secrets of the universe.

(4, 4: Explore Organization) Investigate the Guild of Philosophers

Philosophy serves a purpose, it asks questions that normal people do not have time for. However, lately the guild has gone quiet, after discussing matters that perhaps should not be asked. Or should they? Find out what the guild of philosophers is up to, and determine whether it is threat to be dealt with, an opportunity to take advantage of, or just a strange coincidence.

(3, 1: Destroy Event) End the Winnowing

The Academy of Magic is one of the best places to learn magic, as one might expect. However, there is an annual competition to cull the students at certain grades — literally; the least gifted students generally die and are quietly disposed of. This is not only unfair and wasteful, but barbaric. Make it stop.

Barakhareesh, Dragon of the Sea

Barakhareesh is driven to increase the use of the sea, but only by those who accept the hazards and majesty of the sea, as the Istatoko people of Basuhartak do.

(8, 3: Transport Location) Migrate the Town of Veneziako

The town of Veneziako is built into cliffs that are becoming dangerously eroded, and due to collapse into the ocean. This does not suit Barakhareesh: move the inhabitants to a new location.

(1, 2: Acquire Information) Secret of the Ironships

A new style of ship has been seen on the sea, seemingly made wholly of iron and moving not only without sails, but against the wind! Find out how this can be so, and if it something that should be encouraged, or banished to the bottom of the sea.

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