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Z-A Challenge 2016 Index

Buffering made the challenge much easier this year. I had time to prepare three or four posts before April 1, and while I never got that far ahead again, it was enough that I was able to stay on time. I think almost always I had at least one post for the day up by 9:00 […]

Yet More Reorganization Notes

I had time to think about this some more on my bus ride home. And even take notes, though that’s a bit of a challenge (I hate writing in a moving vehicle). It appears I was only mostly right in what I had planned. I was having difficulty reconciling ‘data type’ and ‘data object’ in some cases. […]

Yet Another Grand Reorganization

One of the hazards of being a data geek, and good at it, is that over time you become better at it. You find better ways to do things. Also, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game has become progressively more complex, both from player perspective (hence the Echelon Reference Series) and particularly from a data modeling perspective. It’s time […]

Exotic… No, Esoteric Draconic Bloodlines

‘X Day’ is always difficult in the A-Z Challenge. So few words actually start with ‘X’. I was going to write about how I was going to add esoteric draconic bloodlines to Draconic Bloodlines, since I deliberately excluded them when I released the book. I even started drafting that post, but when I started examining things more […]

XML Workflow, A New Direction

A couple years ago, or just slightly more, I wrote about my workflow for extracting game information captured in Word. It’s kind of long: Type (or copy and paste) into Word; Convert Word files to ‘Filtered HTML’; Fix character encoding; Convert to XHTML; Convert to XML closer and closer to the problem domain (game elements) using […]

Weapons and Armor made of ‘Special Materials’

A recent question on Facebook reminded me that I was going to review and revise how special materials work with graded items. In short, I expect to look primarily at the effect of the special material and build from there. Sample Materials A few of the common materials from the PRD, first quoting the PRD and […]

Variation: Graded Item Sets

“Magic item sets” were an artifact (sorry) of the late D&D 3.x era. A small group of items related by their history and power, with a synergy between them that made them more powerful together than apart. The regalia of the phoenix consisted of the raptor’s mask, the crown of flames, the talon scepter, and the phoenix cloak. Each was […]

Umbral Mail

Umbral mail, ‘shadow armor’, should probably be a thing. I picture a suit of light mail (chain shirt perhaps?) worn by a rogue who practiced greater and greater acts of stealth. It is a bit like Gyre’s cunning cambeson, so I should look for some ways to differentiate it. Gyre’s Cunning Gambeson (grade 7 padded armor) magic […]

Unchained Skill Unlocks for Echelon

I don’t often post much Echelon-related material here any more (mostly it’s at, but this particular post fits the skill model I had in mind before I moved over there. Also, it gives me a ‘U Day’ post for this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge. I am not proud. I’ve only recently gotten around to reading Pathfinder® […]

Thinking Again About the Price of Graded Spell Trigger Items

I explored the market price of graded wands and staves a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty satisfied with that result. Then I decided that granting graded items some limited spell casting ability — a few spells that can be used daily, sort of thing — could be pretty cool. The fire gauntlet of Allioch was implemented in […]