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On Wandering Monsters and Random Encounters

While working with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document (PRD) monster information I’ve noticed that there are very few wandering monster or random encounter tables. There used to be pages of them in each of the monster manuals of previous editions (at least, up to 3.5; I can’t comment on 4e). So I went looking through […]

Naming Things with Style

I find that naming things well can be difficult. If I just make up a name, I fall into patterns (similar sounds and emphasis and rhythm) that cause the names to be overly similar and thus no longer distinct. Using ‘real world’ names is great for matching real-world settings, and can help evoke the real-world source […]

Musing on Spell-Like Abilities in Echelon

In almost all editions of D&D many creatures have abilities defined in terms of spells, such as the succubus’ suggestion. These are like spells (subject to spell resistance, etc.) but not exactly (each may be limited to a certain number of uses per day, and they don’t share all the casting requirements of normal spells). ‘Spell-like […]

Lusus Naturae is Live in PDF

Lasus Naturae is now available in PDF at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. In fact, it comes in three forms: hyperlinked PDF, “art only” PDF so you can show your players (“print them at work, it might make more time for gaming!”, says Bad Advice Guy), and a “text only” PDF for ebook readers and tablets and whatnot. All text […]

Kouzelnik Deities of the Goblin Pantheon

The kouzelnik are the third of the tribes involved in the revised goblin pantheon. A decent fit for ‘K Day’ of the A-Z Blog Challenge, and I’m happy to finally have this pantheon fully drafted. I’m taking a break from Polyhedral Pantheons work tomorrow. I spent a big chunk of this last weekend — when I wasn’t […]

Icosahedral Pantheons

Time to start talking about the characteristics of various polyhedra when applying the polyhedral pantheons methods. Since the entire thing was prompted by the use in the Rose of the Prophet trilogy of an icosahedron to describe and define the deities, and since it is “I Day” in the April A-Z Blog Challenge, and I need to write […]

Hilljack Deities of the Goblin Pantheon

It’s ‘H Day’ in the A-Z Challenge, and time to start fleshing out the new goblin pantheon. I will start with the Hilljack deities, who are followed by a secretive and really not that bad a tribe… for goblins, at least. Hilljack Deities Hilljacks (‘vorubec’ their own tongue) are the least nomadic goblins. The jhesiri are […]

Goblin Pantheon Revisited

I started work on a goblin pantheon a while ago, but stalled out when I realized I wasn’t satisfied with the direction it was going. I decided to take another run at it. Destruction is still a major focus, and I’m keeping some of the relationships in order to support the Jhesiri. I’m revising the Hilljacks […]

Fire Deities of the Tetratheon

Yesterday I described the earth deities of the Tetratheon, today I describe the fire deities. I did have a couple surprises while working on this. The biggest one was while I was working on Sjajan. Originally my focus was in a different direction, but while trying to figure out what her servants might be called and exploring […]

Earth Deities of the Tetratheon

The Elemental Tetratheon is one of the bigger pantheons included in the upcoming Polyhedral Pantheons book. The pantheon is designed around the four elements, with each of the greater gods focused on a single element and having three aspects related to that element. There are also three other gods that are lesser aspects of each element. Being […]